Friday Focus|Ya-Seen: the heart of Quran

…it expounds the crux of message
Friday Focus|Ya-Seen: the heart of Quran

Ya-Seen, the 36th chapter of Quran is often talked of andbelieved to be the heart of Quran. Indeed, it expounds the crux of the message.The faithful recite it in distress, with the firm belief that it eases pain andsuffering. At the very outset, it is enshrined that Quran is the word ofwisdom:

''By the wise Quran" (36:2)

In the Quranic idiom, it is mentioned as Al-Quran-ul-Hakim.The root word is 'Hikma' which means wisdom. The practitioner of the wisdom is'Hakim'. The word of Quran, every word of it, properly understood, puts oneinto the practice of exercising wisdom in word and deed.

In the following verses, it is enshrined that ProphetMohammad (PBUH) is one of the messengers on a straight path:

''You are one of the messengers, on a straight path, therevelation of the Almighty, the merciful, to warn a people whose ancestors werenot warned, and so they are unaware. The Word was realized against most ofthem, so they do not believe '' (36: 3, 4, 5, 6 &7)

The Quran which is full of wisdom is a testimony thatProphet Mohammad (PBUH) is the messenger. In his word and deed, ProphetMohammad (PBUH) remained a true practitioner of Al-Quran-ul-Hakim, to the extentof being named Quran-e-Natek: the moving Quran or the Quran in oration.

Ya-Seen further testifies that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is ona straight path, with the revelation of the Almighty Allah (SwT). As themessage in Quran is reflected upon, it becomes clear that it is the 'Word ofDivine' meant for nourishing the human mind.

The revelation was meant to warn a people, whose ancestorswere not warned about the destructive results of their erroneous ways, hencethey remained unawares. And, once they were made aware, they remaineddisinclined to believe, since it invited them to a path, which was different tothe one followed by their ancestors. It is an accepted fact that peoplehardened in practices of older times are initially reluctant to accept thetruth, as it clashes with tradition. As happened with prophets of yore, ProphetMohammad (PBUH) remained face to face with skepticism in initial days of theadvent of Islam. Eventually, truth triumphed.   

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