Full of sparkle and shine

I always wait eagerly for this day so that I can see my stars twinkling, smiling, and shining
Full of sparkle and shine
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I'm proud to be a teacher as well as a magician, and I'm still on my journey from The Teacher to The Magician. Teaching is an art in which a teacher is connected to a student by using creative ways. It's a creative act. I possess tremendous power to make a child's life joyous from the day I started enlightening at home. I still remember the very first day, how excited I was, and how satisfied it made me day by day. A teacher can reform the child with love. The happiness of children means a lot to me, as they are innocent. I have seen a real smile on their faces when I always wish them "Happy Children's Day" and arrange a children's party for them. I always wait eagerly for this day so that I can see my stars twinkling, smiling, and shining. It always gives me immense pleasure. I also receive a lot of return gifts from them and that is a chocolate, a compliment, or an emoticon that describes their love towards me.

I'm teaching at my home but that place has a magical effect which was conveyed to me so many times by my students saying we couldn't learn at home, but in tuitions there is some magic because of which they can learn as quickly as they can. Sometimes they can do questions well when they have failed to do at home. So I call my tuition place the magic land as it has a magical effect.

I also teach in one of the leading schools in the valley. With Allah's grace and mercy, I also created the same magical effect in my classroom as well. I'm pleased with all the appreciation that I have received till date.

Being someone's sunshine and the galaxy is by far the best compliments I have received. To the world they are students, but to me, they are so many things.

Dear students,

You are the butterflies in my garden.

Full of striking colors and unique patterns.

You are the hummingbirds of my garden.

Beautiful to look at but hard to catch.

You are the flowers in my garden.

Prettiest and fragrant.

You are the brightest stars of my galaxy.

Full of sparkle and shine.

You are the moon in my sky.

The brightest and the largest.

You are the sunshine of my sun.

Full of warmth and light.

I always used to doodle animals on board on children's day in tuitions. I told my students to look who had come in our tuitions to wish you on your special day. The forest animals had come from a long way just to wish you "Happy Children's Day." I don't think words can explain how happy they were feeling that time.

I'm feeling blessed to be in this creative act. I would like to express my deep gratitude to my teachers, my family, and my friends. I extend gratitude to my students and their parents for love and support. On this day, I would like to wish every child a Happy Children's Day. You deserve loads of happiness and blessings. May God fulfill all your wishes on this day.

(Writer is M.Sc. Biotechnology from Kashmir University. Presently a Teacher in Private School)

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