God, guns, gays

Trifecta of mantras that were on everyone’s tongue from the 90s on as Reagan’s win lionized America’s conservatives, televangelists, home-office entrepreneurs, rebels, the left, the right, to get entrenched in a  new world order, which, paradoxically, deepened and expanded beliefs of all sorts, promoted by the Web, itself expanding faster than the universe.  Free speech produced imagination such that Obama could tell what was happening in Iran’s nuclear reactors before he played masterly ‘ Olympic Games’ with those reactors, via the Web.  How, what and why of all this is another story.  For our limited purpose this all happened after Iran’s leitmotif took to wings again chanting the rant…Death to Israel.

God Delusion created Creationists who say earth was formed at 9 ‘0 clock in a Hollywood version of their story, Inherit the Wind.  Agnostics and heretics have one question: Was it 9 AM or 9 PM? Legendary lawyer, Clarence Darrow’s question about AM and PM of the State witness is razor tongued humor as he simultaneously mocks judge’s decision to appeal the decision saying his client that doesn’t intend to pay even a dollar’s fine for teaching scientific evolution and not the creationist’s mythology about it.  One of the most famous trials, Scope’s Monkey Trial, is appositely enshrined in literature forever despite the trial’s self-mocking title. Thank heavens it survived the derision and emerged as the biggest trial both in literature and litigation techniques.  “Fine is fine” defense lawyer pursues, “the amount of fine is not important because we do not intend to pay a single dollar after we have appealed your decision.”

National Rifle Association (NRA,) the gun lobby, in the US was gung-ho and couldn’t care less about gun-possession laws.  2nd Amendment with its Right to Bear Arms took care of any apprehensions of hobbyists, sportsmen, and ‘guns for self-defense’ advocates. But the aftermath of numerous mass killings still leaves parents of toddlers killed in random gun violence across America inconsolable; and lawmakers, guilt-ridden.  NRA, after all, is a major donor and it makes lawmakers happy every election cycle.  Politicians must stay ingratiated with moneybags. 

What can you say about third leg of our famous trifecta: Gay. It’s the kind of love that dare not speak its name. The guy who said this also said at his press conference on his release having served a jail sentence for homosexuality and he begs the journalists to quote him saying this:  I am going directly from this jail to a whorehouse.  That will restore my character.  Even the translation of this Wilde witticism doesn’t dim its spark, after more than a century.

Such constitutionally challenging issues that occupy highest echelons of intellect seamlessly embraced by our trifecta are the staple of the future communication; short, punchy and between the eyes.

Trump opens a new era of politics with his off the cuff speech.  He cuts it down to the bone, say, from Plato to C P Snow, clergy to nobility, and from nobility to robber barons, to proletariat.  He shoots from the hip like Ma Baker.  Left or Right, conservative, Tory or Whig, Congress or BJP.  BS or NC or PDP.  Nobody laughs at the acronym BS anymore in Delhi or UP.  Bullshit is ubiquitous and pandemic and almost true. Even if Trump, known for mendacity, says so.

The slogans as God, guns and gays, staple of less-than-literate politicians of the pre-Obama US, kept Delhi’s editors and opinion meisters busy with the alphabet not the language. They know to play just one game with the same deck always because the same jokers pop up, however you cut the deck.  I assured you the deck is not usually rigged,  Look at Times of India last Wednesday.  Latest variation on campaign oratory…the same old hat… corruption, dynasty and terrorism are their pet peeves.  These guys are led by their noses and everyone follows everyone else.  Why is thinking never even tried? The same old whimpers without an ounce of new energy, without a bang ever.  So, let it be said once more, politicians of all hues deserve this patchwork democracy because Mayawati and Yogi must approach their constituents through ancient prisms, religious symbols, viewpoints so adroitly copied by the said opinion meisters as they strut around with their puffed up chests on national stage. Same failed politics of the past, wouldn’t you say?

Little wonder Sidhu, the newest member of circle jerk, thinks Muslims must vote this way or another undercutting an aspirational, homogenized polity that good politicians struggle to accomplish. And lift political debate above heresy and apostasy.  Shame!

The itch to be on a cricket field isn’t cured by a disinfectant just like you can’t catch butterflies with a tweezer or shoot a mosquito with a gun.  No siree.    It ain’t happening.  Your narcissism doesn’t excuse your need to be a bride at every wedding or a corpse at every funeral you are invited to just so you are the center of attention.  Please desist.  Cricket is is important public entertainment but not public service.  Grow up quick. 

An incompatible duo of Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati acting as each other’s band aid to splice the wound they share but their response is a short term quick fix.  And it’s been short term for 7 decades.  Whimsical treatment of India’s foreign policy by an

Entertainer and his ilk makes politics a clown show.  I insist, please desist.  Upgrade your political arsenal in other ways and augment vocabulary to usher in a new left and right, if we, yet again, must follow the western definitions. India never had a left or a right but it has acronyms aplenty.  Remember CPI(L) CPI (M,) CPI(ML) based on ‘ to each according to his need, from each according to his ability.’  On the other hand Western model insisted on maximization of personal potential instead of harangues on policy best left to experts at Ministry of External Affairs. Capitalist model discouraged putdowns, squelches, sloganeering and worship of poverty.  Fortunately, Russia chose to draw inspiration from oligarchy, aped with a difference by the Chinese. Chinese and Russians gave up their gods but West Bengal continues its idol worship of commie godheads. Leninists and Marxists thrive belatedly in West Bengal even though they should be the first ones to embrace Age of Reformation, Reason and Renaissance  best expressed in English first introduced by Brits through St. John’s college in India,  first English language newspaper, the Statesman,(in an earlier incarnation as well 1854 AD vintage)) in the country. The Left and the Right didn’t exist back then. Dogmas and isms can’t find a place to land anymore anywhere in the world unless a new Industrial Revolution is happening.

India’s new generation of academia needs a new landing place for its sociology and political science starting first and foremost, with ethnic mergers, both cultural and social.  Let it begin.  Kashmiri Muslim would never get a better chance to change the world. Embrace it with all your might. Forget the ghost of the past and Seize the Day!