Happy Skin

Anybody can have great skin. Just like anybody can have bad skin. And anybody can have bad skin days, just like bad hair days. Only, bad skin days last longer. Sometimes for weeks which seem with no end.

A few problems are related to the weather lets see the most common ones faced during this changing weather are:


Is an inflammatory condition of the skin partially caused by increased sebum production and an abnormality of the bacteria found normally on the skin. The result can be red and enlarged areas on the skin, whiteheads or blackheads in monsoon the oily activity of skin is more and can produce rash and pimples. Use some homemade packs to remove excessive oils from the surface and keep the face glowing and smooth.

But avoiding the condition with few tips like washing the face 4-5 times a day with a gentle soap free cleanser, drinking 3-4 L of water especially during Monsoons when dehydration can occur will definitely help. Also, switch to a non comedogenic, gel based sunscreen during this season. A mild face wash is good for your face. You can also opt for some home remedy like a mixture of gram flour, rose water and milk. Apply evenly on the face and wash off after 15 -20 minutes. Always follow your cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine to keep your skin youthful and bright. Cleansing should be followed by toning using an alcohol-free toner. This is helpful since increased humidity could open up your pores.


Never let your hair get wet in the rains. Pollution, suspended particles in the air especially few dangerous acids which are suspected to be there in the rain now at certain times can settle on your scalp. Always cover your hair with cheerful and colourful umbrellas or raincoats. Combined effect of sun heats and humidity can damage your hair. Keep your hairstyles simple and easy. Elaborate hairstyles are more difficult to manage. Using an Anti Dandruff shampoo once a week will also help. Do not comb wet hair. Also do not tie your hair tightly as it may lead to breakage.


A fungus thrives in humidity — wet skin folds rubbing against each other get macerated easily, providing easy entry to fungi and yeast. As a result, you develop itchy, circular, reddish, flaking patches on the body, especially in skin folds at the groin (Jock Itch), underarms and around the breast in women.

Fungal infections can also affect your feet, especially if closed shoes are worn all day. Staying dry is the best way to avoid them. Carry a set of dry clothes and footwear to the office and change immediately if you’ve gotten drenched on your way.

Once you are seated at your desk, take your shoes and socks off to allow air circulation around your feet. Wear sandals or floaters as far as possible. Use plenty of dusting talc to prevent accumulation of sweat and moisture in skin folds. Those prone to repeated fungal infections can use medicated powders.


From hot cup in the morning, switch to cool, mint based green-ice-tea.

Flavor your food with green herbs and tomatoes instead of garlic, onions and red chilli.

Switch to loads of salads and greens in diet along with drink lots of water even in the winters. All this definitely helps to give skin a good glow.

Also for the bridal and festival season which is coming up please ensure that when you do make up it should be mineral based and the daytime make up must be with a SPF. Also beneath Compaq or a foundation it’s always advisable to apply sunscreen in the morning hours particularly and in evening a base which specially has vitamin E if possible.

The author is a renowned Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon

Six Angiolplasties in a night – SSH Srinagar saving lives

A procedure that till late was possible in the most advanced of the healthcare settings only has been made possible by the cardiologists in Kashmir. A live example of this was demonstrated earlier this week when six patients were saved over night in a single hospital.

As per the information by GMC Srinagar, six patients underwent primary or rescue angioplasty at Super Specialty Hospital Srinagar from Sunday 11 am till 5 am on Monday. The hospital administration said two patients were in cardiogenic shock.

While detailing, Dr Syed Maqbool, who led the team said, the first patient was a smoker and diabetic  and was aged 70 years. He said the doctors also saved life of a 37 years old patient, a smoker whose father died of a heart attack at the age of 60 years.

In a strange case, the hospital received three patients consecutively, a 46 year old army personnel, a 48 years old and a 47 year old. All the three were smokers and suffered a heart attack, the timely intervention helping in saving their lives as well as heart vitality.  patient was brought to the hospital with similar presentation.

Later a female 58 years, and  hypertensive had suffered a heart attack and was given rescue angioplasty.

All the procedures, as per the hospital’s deputy medical superintendent who is also nodal officer for Ayushman Bharat, were done free of cost under SEHAT Scheme of J&K Government. “All patients are stable and doing well ,” he said.

Dr Maqbool said the hospitals in Kashmir have been trying to save as many lives as possible. Previously, in 2015, at SKIMS Soura, in 2015 five people were provided primary angioplasty in a day. That was a record too, he said.

This data shows us how rampant is heart attack and how risk factors particularly smoking plays a very important role in causing heart attacks in young. Primary angioplasty is the best procedure if done timely  and is much superior to thrombolysis as seen in two rescue angioplasties who had failed thrombolysis. “Our Principal, Prof Samia Rashid has ensured that SSH Shireen Bagh is fully equipped and geared to tackle any such burden with three cathlabs and 11 cardiologists on rolls,” Dr Maqbool said.

Unique Hernia surgery at Government Gousia Hospital

Inguinal hernia in female, also known as Hernia of Canal of Nuck as such is rarely  seen. Inguinal  hernias are commonly seen in males. In rarest of rare cases, a challenging case was operated by surgeons at Government Gousia Hospital, Khanyar. A 19 year old female from Srinagar was diagnosed as a case of female inguinal hernia. This hernia of canal of Nuck was planned as per Surgical principles in Standards Surgery textbooks for this rare female inguinal hernia. On operation, a single Sac is identified, dissected and deposited back into peritoneal cavity.

However, during operation in this female inguinal hernia, two sacs were found on either side of round ligament. One is having omentum as a content and other sac having ovary. Both sacs were separately ligated without ligating round ligament. This was new principle applied in this case, never reported in world.

A team of Surgeons including Consultant Surgeon Dr Imtiaz Wani, Senior Surgeon Dr Nadeem Agha, Dr Wasem Lone and Dr Umar. Dr Rohana Ali was expert gynecologist in this case. Expert anesthetists were Consultant Dr Massod Rashid and Dr Salim Javeed. OT Technicians were Jahan Ara, Imtiyaz, Ishrat, Ashraf and Farooq. Dr Saika Ambreen was Radiologist who diagnosed this case.