Have we lost the meaning?

Greater Kashmir

We are living in the times when we attach and find the ‘meaning’ in anything we come across. Human beings from the dawn of the universe have been in this quest for getting along this meaningful dive into the ‘purpose of life’. Taking a leaf from consciousness as the microcosm of how we interact with the exteriority of our identity and the simultaneous association of the same with our inner tumult. Every day we come across people immersed in the same uneven and the oddity of how our lives pace through. There is meaning to everything we see and feel but we are falsely sure these days of the ‘meanings’ that are nowhere near to their true essence.

There are lot of questions that ring through the echoes of how ‘time’ and society shapes our thinking and subsequently our way of life. We are programmed in such a way that even a slight distraction drags us into the damned category of failure. There is a widespread constriction of how to perceive and imagine a life which has unfortunately been reduced to the ‘game of success and failure’. The meanings that are both constructed and have been deeply entrenched into the ‘architecture of language’ both socially and psychologically. Either you reside in the queue of failures or ‘enjoy’ the pleasures of having succeeded. The outliers and irony glazes bright when imagined from the holistic and essential meaning of ‘living a life’

What’s is the result of this competitive sprint of rushing through the false imaginaries when its sweetness lies in enjoying it with the reflective and enjoyable spells. Are we becoming too much mechanistic in our individual values and morals too. Is the physicality  all that matters, and  spiritual ‘being’ becoming too redundant in these times now.  The fallout of all this has been the tag of ‘consumption’ has been attributed to the stream of knowledge too. Reminiscing about the times when we always were there in the odyssey of building a compassionate and loveable fellow feeling. Now it has been turned into a sort of transient and vacuous affair.

Commodification has been seeping deep in our lives as we have seen it as the mark of status and social identity which should have been otherwise. The baggage of capitalism has ratcheted up on our value systems too. Mostly you are in that class of ‘good/refined’ cast when you own the advanced and upgraded brands, whether mobiles or vehicles. Why are we descending into this shallow understanding and perception of looking at things from materialistic and myopic lens.

Our society has been reverberating the social ideals that are prevailing having the signatures of regressive symbols. You never want to become ‘poor’ in terms of social status but we are made one. We are well aware of the fact that rich person would never want to step down the ladder of his positioning. How rich one is seemingly turns the same tribe into the respectable and the modern attribute of ‘elite’ hierarchy.

All these questions come down to the ever changing metaphors and to ascribing flawed and rigid definitions of ‘meaningful lives’. The change is happening fast. Meanings define, redefine and decide the foundations on which our societies are build, and on the other end this is what brings down the structures. We are plagued by the infestation of ‘meanings’ which spread far and wide into our social and individual consciousness. Can we not introspect and explore this forgotten treasure of embracing constructive force of binding and forming the meaningful groups. There is more to the ‘meaning’ apart from the extreme of meaningfulness and meaninglessness and that middle path is what every society wants to own and adopt.