Hazare's Shadows

Hazare's Shadows

The Gandhian, Anna Hazare, might be missing from the social and political firmament of Delhi

The Gandhian, Anna Hazare, might be missing from the social and political firmament of Delhi. But with the BJP choosing Mrs Kiran Bedi as its chief ministerial candidate, and AAP chief Mr Arvind Kejriwal already his party’s man for the top job, Mr Hazare’s stamp is all over the Capital city.

Both Mrs Bedi and Mr Kejrwial came to limelight during Mr Hazare’s campaign against corruption, during which he even sat on a fast onto death. Ironic as it might sound, both though praise Mr Hazare in few words, but none of them are effusive in his praise, nor they acknowledge that their present political stature is owing to the Gandhian crusader against corruption. This is another thing that Mr Hazare was and is opposed to getting into active politics.

Both his disciples particularly Mrs Bedi pulled a late night coup to take recourse to politics. Biggest surprise was given by her when she suddenly landed at Prime Minister Mr Narendr Modi’s official residence after some behind the scene groundwork done by Finance Minister and Delhi strongman Mr Arun Jaitley.

Again ironic as it may look, she not only joined the BJP but within 48 hours of it declared as its chief ministerial candidate. All this happened while Mr Hazare was sulking in his native and a remote Maharashtra village.

She did try to establish contact with her Guru but only after she became the chief ministerial candidate. But Mr Hazare refused to take her calls as he seemed more guarded this time as such a situation had occurred earlier also when Mr Kejriwal decided to enter politics.

Once bitten twice shy, Mr Hazare went for the best option to maintain a safe distance.


Home Rumours 


There is never a dull moment in the prestigious Human Resource Development Ministry, with Mrs Samriti Zubin Irani at the helm of affairs. The rumour mills are working overtime in the Ministry with reports of resignations and sacking of officials emerging everyday. First was the rumour about removal of Mr Sanjay Kachroo, Officer on Special Duty, to the Minister Mrs Irani. He was on his way to his home state of Jammu and Kashmir when rumours of his sacking starting doing rounds of HRD Ministry corridors. It was on the last day of 2014.

Frantic efforts by the media and his friends to call him and confirm the rumours paid no dividends as he fended off all the calls. This was followed by speculations about repatriation of higher education secretary Mr S N Mohanty to his parent cadre in Andhra Pradesh but confirmation is still to come.

Similarly fresh rumours cropped up last week about the removal of University Grants Commission Mr Ved Prakash. Someone really seems to be working overtime to spread such rumours or is there some truth behind.


Meteoric Rise


He was a non-entity in Delhi’s political circles when he actually landed in the Capital city. Gradually he climbed up the ladder alongside the rising profile of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi. No, he is not his closest of aides Mr Amit Shah, the BJP president. He is current Health Minister and BJP General Secretary Mr J P Nadda.

A low profile politician from the cooler climes of Himachal Pradesh, Mr Nadda has slowly worked to achieve a higher position in the BJP hierarchy, and the Modi government. It came as a surprise when Mr Modi removed a more tried and trust Dr Hasrhvardhan as Health Minister and replaced him by Mr Nadda who has no track-record as an administrator or even politician of eminence.

Many even in the BJP and Sangh Parivar are trying to work out as to what Mr Nadda’s strength is.