How many holidays?

He was a religious preacher and a political figure. Every year, the valley “celebrates” his death anniversary.
How many holidays?
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Just a few days back there was a day to be "celebrated"  and it was a holiday! At work, I always think of multiple shifts (not possible in this part of the world) to fulfil my commitments, meeting targets and above all, the "monthly deadline" – the line I "never" meet! Nevertheless, in the course, come these "mainstream calendar holidays" and "anniversaries" [adversaries], which just don't serve any purpose, instead, disturb your whole schedule and calculations. It's not that I don't see and follow the "mainstream calendar"! I certainly do. I know, as always, such calendars carry the same "day" thing – Mon-"day", Tues-"day", __, __, __, __, Sun-"day"; but these also have extra "this day" and extra "that day" which, I think, are absolutely irrelevant!

That was something "mainstream". There's another thing, I call, "separate-stream", with an unusual but unique pattern (changes every year) of "extra extra days" unlike "mainstream calendar"! This calendar has "strike day", "black day", "half-widow day", "martyr day", "unidentified graves day", sometimes "anything day" and another times "nothing day" and… I don't know what else day!

In an "extra extra day" example, somebody's father was killed some years back. He was a religious preacher and a political figure. Every year, the valley "celebrates" his death anniversary. I don't understand whether a death is to be celebrated or mourned at the first place but then, I also know the fragile emotions and sentiments of us Kashmiris who just would not say no to "anything" and "anybody" only until they are forced to! When "saying" and "following" a yes is always easy for us, why not yes to "birth-day" and "death-day" or "any day" for that matter!

I wonder, if tomorrow "somebody's" someone gets circumcised, which for some reason doesn't coincide with "somebody's" birthday or death anniversary, he might declare that day "another holiday", bloating the "poor" calendar further!

I'm a perfectionist and I require time to do things. These "extra days" (more to follow) have earned me a bad reputation at work because doing things with perfection needs efficiency and efficiency in turn again needs time, I wonder when would I retain my reputation when the list of holidays is never ending!

This month, I was sure about submitting my work by or before the "deadline" but didn't realize that the "mainstream calendar" had a few "colourful dates" – "state holidays" and, the "separate-stream calendar" had another "package"!

For God's sake, these "calendars" are just swelling – swelling without a burp to digest "us" all! Stop them swell any further! Let's "celebrate" or "mourn" less "days"! Let's protest against both the "calendars"!

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