If the 'Why' is powerful then the 'How' is easy

Everyone one of us here in this Duniya are for a reason, for a purpose, and no matter what our profession is, no matter what our background is, the one who has created us has created us for a reason. As a Muslim our desire must be the Jannah and the success in the hereafter, but for a span of time we are here in the world we need to contemplate about our purpose and listen to the voice in our hearts, and when we do that, we actually know what we really want to do and then we can set a goal for ourselves. I must mention here that setting a goal is as important as the oxygen for living, because if our actions revolve around hollowness and have no goal to achieve then we are as good as dead.

We shall know that this Duniya is designed to break our hearts and thrust us into the ground but every time life does that to us, we must be determined and courageous enough to get back up again and continue our journey, so the next time when life makes us fall, we make sure that we fall forwards so even when we fall, we go a step closer to our goal.

Once we have listened to the voice in our hearts and set a goal for ourselves then we need to start working tirelessly to accomplish it. The major difference between successful people and people who whinge all the time. Here, I put my answer in the question, people who keep whinging, will keep whinging for their life. Excuses are lies we tell to ourselves only to take the easier road and use our complaints as an escape route because working with determination and getting up after being hit by life is not easy.

We need to ask ourselves about our goals, we have to ask ourselves that why are we doing this and what impact it will have on our life and the life of others and if our ‘Why’ is powerful then don’t worry about how you going to do it, the ‘How’ is going to be easy.

There are going to be many failures in our life, we are going to fail many times but the key is to get back the minute after we fall and focus again. The more we focus on winning the less impact there will be of our failures. It doesn’t matter if we fail once; if we fail a hundred times, we have to try 101th time and that is how we are going to be successful. And stop measuring success with money, success is not always about the amount of money we make, it is about how close we are to our goal and how much impact we have made in society. It is about how content we are with what we do and how we live our life.

I have met many medicine students who are way more depressed than a homeless person who is struggling to make ends meet and this is because most of these students have chosen medicine because their parents told them to do so. Because they want society to call them “Doctors”. When I say we need to have impact on society, what I mean is to have impact with what we do and not let society make us do something, there is a big difference and we need to understand it. The five daily prayers are an obligation on us and we even find excuses to skip them which again are lies. Procrastination is a leaking bucket in the way of our success. Keep that smartphone in your drawer when you work towards your goal not only your smartphone but all the things/ persons that are acting as a distraction, well of course you can’t keep people in the drawer but you can stop hanging with them.

We need to balance our attention that we give to other things and people, otherwise we are going to imbalance our attention and consume or I shall say ‘Waste’ our mental and physical energy on people /things that have only a negative impact on us and drag us away from our goals.

Success is not about one big leap from zero to hundred, it’s about small steps that we take daily with consistency being the key. It’s not that we work hard one day and be content with that and say “it’s enough” no, we need to be constant in doing what we do and take small steps to it. The key is to be grateful with what we have and stop complaining about the things we don’t have.

The obstacles in our way shall force us to think and to find a solution about it, because if we only keep complaining, we are going to complain all our life and the difficulties and obstacles are going to increase in quantity and build psychological pressure on us leaving us good for nothing and badly affecting our thinking.

There are people who keep complaining while eating their food, don’t be that people, don’t complain, stop complaining and start being grateful for all the blessings you have. Wake up in the morning with a smile, be grateful for the breath you take, the shelter you have on your heads, the bed that is keeping you warm and instead of whinging about things, start to count blessings and you will see the positive results of your optimistic thinking.

The thinking of slaves is all about whinging and not doing anything because they are leashed by their masters and even if the leashes are tightened but our minds are free, we can think and strategies. I am not talking about bringing a revolution but when we bring changes within ourselves and improve our thought process, we are going to have a positive impact on the society and instead of getting eaten up by hunger to earn more and more money we need to get hungry for bringing peace to our lives and to eradicate materialism from our society because materialism removes the love and remembrance of Allah from our hearts and a heart that stops remembering Allah is deprived of peace.

To conclude, set a goal, make sure you have passion for it, work tirelessly to achieve it, don’t be afraid of failures because being afraid of failing stops us from doing anything in the first place. Wake up early in the morning and add more time to your practice / learning, be grateful and stop making excuses.