In The Line Of Fire

Greater Kashmir

General Pervez Musharraf President of Pakistan has been generous enough in extolling himself in his Memoir, “in the line of fire “. The General looks true to his salt by paying full loyalty to the culture of military junta since the inception of Pakistan. Pakistan since it was an infant had fallen prey to the lucrative ambitions of the Generals and the abortion of Constitution thus denying democracy to the people of the new created State. The continuous abortions of the Constitution has given to understand that the land has got created in the name of Muslim spirits for the entire benefit of the few privileged people especially the star holders of the Army.
The dreams of the founding fathers of Pakistan especially those of Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah have got jeopardized that on the dismemberment of Pakistan he must have cried in the hereafter and brought tears in the eyes of the aspirants of the well -being and solidarity of the well wishers of the newly created State. There is no other reply in the substitute of the will of the people of that country but the miscarriages of the Constitution and ruining of the dreams of the people have been nightmare of Pakistan since its inception till the time it got dismembered and was broken into two,
“In the line of Fire” is a memoir of the General President of Pakistan who has portrayed himself as Pakistan personified. Destroying the human will and aborting an elected government who dismissed him on the reasons known to them is not a justification of running a “ Counter Coup “ as he calls it as the top Heads of Departments and the Dignitaries—all employees of the government get suspended also and get dismissed also. Extolling himself by belittling Nawaz Sharif, the then elected Prime Minister having two-third majority in the Parliament can be the inheritance of the “Coup de tat” of the past by the General but let him not forget that this modus operandi cut Pakistan into two in 1971 when the people’s mandate was not respected. By any quantum of diction at his command the General cannot justify the coup that he has carried out, in the name of “Counter Coup”. In the relevant chapter on the subject the General’s ceaseless statement of showing how the country wide coup was carried out shows the inheritance of the General once again prostitute the constitution who had been given to the country after it is getting fractured physically, spiritually and psychologically also.
The book is the complete bundle of extortions and the General’s justifying his rape of the constitution lavishly. However it cannot be forgotten that to subdue the human opinion requires justification of diabolic actions whether General calls it, “ face to face with terror “, “ Counter Coup “ living through the dreadful decade, the anatomy of suicide are so on.
Whatever the then President Zulfikar Bhutto did, he had the people’s mandate to rule them but his Government also fell prey to the then Generals cheatings and treacherous coup in the last taking the people’s leader to the gallows. We are amazed to learn as to how General won the lease of three years in conducting elections and not shedding the General’s hat. General Musharraf has gone outrightly in the footsteps of his one of his predecessors, General Zia-ul-Haq and has strictly followed his footsteps in carrying out the “Coup de tat “, winning time to rule dictatorially through befooling mandate of referendum and holding farce elections of the parliament whose majority party leader was made a stooge and never allowed to work as elected Chief Executive of the Government as per traditions of the democratic and parliamentary system of government. General Musharraf choked Jamali’s throat by denying him power and himself remaining as a nominal head in the tradition of parliamentary democracies, who had to resign later on owing to loss of authority and honour.
The General without an opposite candidate, in the tradition of General Zia-ul-Haq wins an election and chooses very comfortably his stooges to govern and does not shed the uniform. It is not tangible as to how a President can be a Government employee as well as the President at a time when the election’s fabric envisaged in the constitution has been thrown to shreds and how a Prime Minister as a leader of the majority political party in the parliament can be a yesman giving every opportunity to a General to be the Chief Executive de facto and the Head of the State both at a time. The General’s “war on terror “ etc. are the demands of the time and the General has not added sugar to the feast by responding to the call but a well meaning ruler whether a Democrat are otherwise could have struck a balance.
By speaking that he wore four hats of different posts but has cast three is refutable by every logic. By and large, General’s book is an attempt towards self glorification

(Dr. Syed Muhammad Fazlullah (IAS) is Director Libraries and Research)