Irked over Digvijay's comments

Irked over Digvijay's comments

A desperate act to accuse the majority community just to serve the interests of New Delhi

Last week Kashmiri Pandits carried out nationwide protests against Digvijay Singh’s remarks that it was Jagmohan who forced them to migrate from Valley, when militancy erupted. Kashmiri Pandits have every right to defend their view point.

However, it is immaterial that who facilitated or forced Pandits to leave their mother land, as after 25 years Kashmiri Pandits seem to deny many ground realities regarding the whole problem.

Some self styled Pandit leaders are leaving no stone unturned to prove that it was the majority community that forced Pandits to flee from the valley.

The allegations don’t carry any substance but seem to be a desperate act to accuse and abuse majority community just to serve the interests of New Delhi.

Of course in early nineties Kashmiri Muslims used to spend nights in mosques and carry out slogans but it had nothing to do with Kashmiri Pandits as alleged by them.

Who doesn’t know that State terrorism was then at its peak and killing any Kashmiri without checking his credentials was being glorified as an act of nationalism and patriotism throughout India.

The dirty catch and kill operation was at its peak and the majority community had no option but to take shelter in mosques in clusters and raise slogans just to keep their morale up and give a sense of security to their children and women folk.

While few Pandits got killed at the hands of militants, Kashmiri Muslims in huge numbers were also assassinated for their alleged anti-movement activities.

Without justifying killings by militants let me reiterate that killings by militants never took place in the name of religion, and giving these killings a communal colour is grossly wrong.

May one ask these self styled migrant leaders that even if Muslims forced them to vacate, how many patriots and nationalists from their community decided not to flee.

The least pandits could have done to serve the Indian State would have been that they should have helped Army and Police by fighting the militants; may be the same way as Koka Parray, Azad Nabi, Papa Kishtwari and hundreds of counter insurgents did.

It were not the so called patriotic Pandits, but Farooq Abdullah, Mufti Sayeed and thousands of Government Employees who didn’t allowed the authority of the State to erode under worst circumstances, though some did it with conviction, and others with compulsion.

May Kashmiri Pandits give a single genuine logic that what forced them to leave valley overnight, leaving their Muslim brothers at the mercy of bombs and guns.

Either they were fearing for their life or were very keen to leave valley and watch how the brave soldiers in uniform will slaughter their Muslim neighbors.

Definitely they suffered after migration, but what about the sufferings of Kashmiri Muslims who lost everything from life to honour and from livelihood to luxuries.

The big loss to Kashmiri Muslims was that their children got deprived of education while Pandits got an opportunity to get best education for their children, not only in India but also abroad.

Let everybody confess that by crying victim all these years our Pandit Brothers got huge job packages, good monthly cash relief and countless perks.

Kashmiri leaders from Gelelani to Omar Abdullah wasted no opportunity to beg before Kashmiri Pandits to return back to the valley but response was always disgusting.

Those biased pseudo intellectuals debating in TV studios and conferences, accusing Kashmiri Muslims of pushing pandits to exile, fail to answer that even if their allegations are believed to be true, what about their claims that Kashmiris have rejected separatists, militancy has breathed its last, they have overwhelmingly preferred ballot over bullet, and the mind set of Kashmiris has changed.

Going by this argument that “ALL IS WELL IN KASHMIR” why don’t these self styled champions of Indian Patriotism, called Kashmiri Pandits, return back to their native places without further excuses.

Either the claims of peace and normalcy in Kashmir, are a mere propaganda, or our Pandit brothers don’t want to lose huge packages and other perks.

Whatsoever the case may be, one thing is clear that the resistance movement like many others has turned to be fruitful industry for Kashmiri Hindus as well, and they pray round the clock that uncertainty never ends.