Is it that every facility and advancement is meant for the students of private schools

Is it that every facility and advancement is meant for the students of private schools

Why don't we make them meet the standards of modern education

In this so-called civilized and advanced era of technology and educational advancement, students of government schools are still deprived of necessary facilities. Why? Is it that every facility and advancement is meant for the students of private schools.

I feel so sorry about the educational policy put forth by the government. Each and every student of government schools is deprived by the fake and unsystematic procedures of the educational policy. It seems the policy has been made only to play with the future of the students of government schools instead of securing it.

During the entire academic session, government teachers are engaged either for election duties, census duties or as block level officers (BLOs). Who suffers by this? Neither the government nor the teachers, but only the poor students of government schools. Graduate teachers are also deputed for undergoing B.Ed course for full one year and undergraduate teachers for 2 year D.Ed course.

Students of government schools are not born unfortunate but are made unfortunate by the government’s policies and those teachers who take least interest in their duties. The government can stand up for these students and take some firm measures but I feel the government is least bothered about these poor, needy and orphan students. Has anyone given it a thought how many politicians and officers have their children admitted in government schools. The answer is none, because they know the educational standards of these schools. The students of government schools are no less talented but need proper direction and exposure. Everyone among us, educationists and policy-makers, have to appear before Almighty Allah and face accountability for our disservice to the educational system and playing with the future of these students. We are sinners, whether our dead conscience accepts or not. Money is not everything but only our dedication to our service at any post and status makes us worth our salary. Why action is not taken against those teachers who often remain busy with meetings of associations and rallies during duty hours.

ReT policy was framed to engage qualified youth in the nearest schools for the welfare of students in government schools. But it is shameful that most of them are now working in Chief Education Offices or Zonal Education Offices. Some are working as resource persons in cluster offices. Now how are these ReT teachers serving the purpose for which they were engaged? No one cares for these fake and wrong educational policies. No one stands for these unfortunate students of government schools who belong to the deprived class of the society.

Another area where the education policy makers need to look into is that Anganwari centers should be merged with educational institutions to catch the full attention of students towards education. Students of pre-primary classes are often seen more interested to eat  biscuits and dal in the nearby Anganwari centers instead of being attentive in their classrooms. So it is better if these students get both education and mid-day meal in their schools only.

Our students need attention, care and guidance from government and teachers. It is my humble appeal to educationists and policy makers is to re-think over current education policy. Please wake up and save these deprived students before it is too late.


(The author is a teacher)