Islam means peace -II

Greater Kashmir

Let us now look into Holy Qur’an the book revealed over Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and what it speaks about peace and harmony. The very first verse which has been with universal consensus kept at the opening of Holy Qur’an is “In the name of Allah, Most gracious, Most merciful”. Thus the first message itself speaks about the virtues of benevolence, forgiveness and merciful which the Almighty Allah exhibits to the humanity as his supreme attributes. This verse carries such a significance that for every act of a Muslim this verse has to be recited to gain His Mercy and Help. Even all war time verses in Holy Qur’an are extremely less and based on isolated situations where war was imposed. However, the general principle lay down and message given in the Qur’an is in these words, “those who seek to please God will be guided by Him to the path of peace.” At one place it is mentioned in these words, “Invite all to the way of thy-lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching’ and argue with them in the ways that are best and most gracious.”
Some more verses are also being quoted here to reflect the peace loving principle of Islam. “Reconciliation is best”; “Killing of one innocent is the killing of entire humanity;” Even Qur’an goes to the extent of mentioning that “Conflict is more dangerous than killing”. Meaning there by one should even avoid creating conflicts then what to talk of killing or destruction of mankind. Allah further says in the Qur’an that the entire mankind is my family and he is dearer to me who treats them with love and compassion. Moreover, patience has been declared in the Qur’an as the “excellent virtue” whose reward is beyond measures. Qur’an enjoins not to do battle with those who are not at war”. Even in a situation where a Muslim State is at war with a particular nation, it is not for her to invoke destructive means against non-combatants (civilians) of that nation. And there is absolutely no scope for violence and aggression in Islam. And the most repeated verse in the Holy Qur’an is “For Allah is oft-forgiving, Most Merciful” i.e. love, compassion, forgiving are all such messages being given to the followers and for Allah they are His pride virtues.
So for as the most sacred but misunderstood and misrepresented concept of “Jihad” is concerned. It is best described in the words of Moulana Wahid-ud-din Khan.
“In Islam, it is more an ideological struggle to conquer people’s heart and minds than to raise an armed struggle. And the exact connotation of Jihad means strict adherence to the will of God in all aspects of one’s life, and the prevention of any obstacle coming in the way of fulfilling God’s will for instance, the desires of the self, the urge to serve one’s own interests, the compulsion of social traditions, the need for compromise, ego problems, greed etc.”
Some traditions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in this regard are “A Mujahid is one who struggles with himself for the sake of God”. “A Mujahid is one who struggles with himself in submission of the will of God”.
Summarizing the discussion, it gets amply clear from both basic sources of religion Islam i.e. Holy Qur’an and traditions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), that there is no scope for any type of violence, disorder or destruction in Islam. Rather it contains an eternal message of peace, love and compassion for the entire humanity. Infact Islam and violence are poles apart and to club Islam with violence or terrorism is as false as to say “Sun Rises in the West”. Impressed as “I shall Love All Mankind” and that is the true crux of Islam. It is infact a great injustice and an utter biased reflection of those who attribute the isolated action of any misguided Muslim to the religion Islam and make a profane attempt of defaming it by an uncalled and detestable “Islamic Terrorism”.

(The author is Lawyer in J&K High Court and a Human Rights Activist)