It's a solid problem

Reportedly Srinagar city generates nearly 450 metric tonne solid waste daily. Now that is a huge quantity by an means. We must keep in mind that this waste is a mix of wet and dry.

That is what compounds the problem. The government agency that is tasked with managing the waste in Srinagar city often comes under heavy public criticism on account of its failure to give us an efficient waste management system. The performance of this  concerned department and the officials who head it can be put to severe analysis, but there is always  a margin for a counter argument.

The SMC officials can turn around and ask the civil society how far it has been cognisant of its own role in maintaining the hygiene of the vicinity, and also managing the wet waste at home.  Pertinent to mention is the recent initiative of the Municipal Committee where a door to door sensitisation drive was undertaken for the segregation of waste. As people, we also have not fulfilled our part of the responsibility. The second point is about the available resources with the SMC.

Reportedly the SMC is short of human resource as well as the machine component. Unless this government department has the sufficient number of ground staff that can manage the huge waste on a daily basis, no significant change can happen. Also, the latest equipment is needed to deal with the tonnes of waste produced in the city.

However, the reports that SMC has failed to utilise all the funds made available to it under some program are disturbing. According to the report this matter has even been pointed out by the court. The current administration of the SMC needs to seriously respond to such things, and ensure that there is no room for any lackadaisical approach in this organisation.

The officers at the helm need to have a proactive approach, and should build a pressure on the government as well as the people to cooperate in matters of city hygiene. If a constructive engagement is ensured among the the three – SMC, civil society and the government– there are no reasons why we can’t have a clean and pollution free city.