It's all in mind

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At present, we all are grappling with an unknown enemy worldwide. Covid-19 usually affects the physical well being on getting entry into the human body, but unfortunately it has already affected the mental well being of many without any viral exposure. Covid-19 is perhaps the most significant global challenge to this generation. It exposes our vulnerability in every sense; may it be fragility of health, fear of shortage of essential life sustaining resources, illusion of financial security and many more. We often feel ourselves in the middle of the sand storm.

Health is defined as ‘balanced state of mind and body’. But our mind is getting obsessed with the fear world of Covid-19. The pandemic situation has left our mind in distress to find answers to many questions as “How can we deal with this situation? How can we come out of it? How do we take care of ourselves and our loved ones during pandemic? What if we get the infection? Our mind keeps on grappling with these questions. Not only this, several situations are adding to mental frustrations like sudden loss of jobs, major salary cuts, no work for daily wagers, restrictions on movement, torn apart families, marital discords, physical and verbal abusive relationships. All these happenings have affected our psychological well being and are creating anxiety, panic, depression, isolation, loneliness among a good proportion of human population. Even frontline warriors like doctors and police might also be experiencing a sort of mental strain as they often find themselves struggling with the tough choice of serving their duties or putting themselves and their families at risk.

We all are facing the fear of unknown. What can possibly help all of us to avoid this fear and mental strain is ‘balanced and sound psychology’. We have to recognize that our thoughts, words and actions shape our mind and the world. As the Dhammapada put it “a guarded mind brings happiness like a never departing shadow”. Psychology offers ways for us to meet such crisis with courage, clarity and wisdom. We have to think this pandemic as a temporary setback. We should focus our thoughts, mind and body on the present moment in time. Constant obsessing on the unpredictable future will lead to anxiety. Finding self interests and looking after yourself and the family should be prioritized.

Psychology is not a rocket science. Any one can maintain mental health by adequate sleep, a healthy diet, positive social connections, yoga and doing other things that gives sense of accomplishment. Even spiritual devotion can positively helps in bringing mental peace and happiness. In short, practice all those things that supports our psychological well being and mental peace, and inturn helps to weather this Covid-19 storm.