It's not the Satan, it's us

Not so long away, there was a time when a daughter was considered a burden and her education was also considered waste of time and money. Let’s go a bit deeper into history where  when  a girl was born, she was buried or burnt  alive. But time has changed and nowadays when a girl is born she is equally loved, adored,  clothed, fed and properly educated. Girls have proved it beyond doubt that they are in no way inferior to their male counterparts and have proved their worth in various fields. But  it is  a fact that even today most families do not want a daughter. It’s not because she has to leave the house in which she is born and shift to a new house after marriage or the father might have to give dowry or spend a lot of money in her wedding. It’s not that her father doesn’t want to spend money on her education. But the worry of parents is the overall safety & security of their daughters as we have witnessed  some of the worst crimes against girls in recent past.

A daughter who is actually treated like a princess by her parents becomes a victim of the most inhumane act of this world. Her age doesn’t matter; she may be 3, 13 or 30 years old.  Her only fault is  that she is a girl, she is a woman and she  has become  a source of fulfilling the felonious lust of a man.  It is a woman who brings a man to this world and then it is this man who uses this woman for his carnality.  In our country, rape is the fourth most common crime against women. The holy month of Ramadan has begun and in this month of mercy and clemency, Satan is locked up in chains. For the rest of the year, where everyone keeps blaming Satan for every wrong doing, this month proves that it is not the Satan but, it is us. On the second day of Ramadan, in Bandipora, Kashmir, a 3 year old innocent, sinless, pristine little girl is sent to school by her parents with dreams for her in their eyes. Her father might want her to become a doctor, her mother might want her to become an IAS officer, but little did they know that she would become the target of someone’s lust. Little did they know that their 3 year old daughter would not return home playing and hopping and chirping but would come back home with blood oozing out of her mouth and tears rolling down her cheeks. Today, the three year old girl is lying on a hospital bed in coma with a lot of internal bleeding. Ayman went to school where she was forcibly made the source of quenching someone’s woeful thirst. She was brutally raped and was left in the washroom of the school from where she was found unconscious, bleeding supernumerary.

We the girls, live in a society where leaving  house without a scarf is considered “inappropriate”. We live in a society where people ask, why are your clothes so short?  Why are you walking like this on the road? Why are you talking to people opposite to your gender? Don’t present yourself in such a way that someone looks at you with a wrong intention.

Now, dear society, would you like to speak on this brutal rape case where a 3 year old girl is made a victim of such a shameful act?  Is she the one to be blamed for all this? Honestly, the problem is not with the clothes or the attitude a girl has, it is about the dirty, filthy mindset of people  who have no regard for the modesty of a girl .They believe that a girl is  a toy and can be used as an object to satisfy his Lust.

The rapist deserves to be hanged and there should be no mercy for him.