Just think of it!

Just think of it!

If the conflict was to be resolved by guns and bombs, then by now all conflicts in the world would have ended

Some vested interests are bent upon  dividing the people by changing the narrative of everything that  happens or what they want that to happen in this state. They  have  developed a  habit on their own  or at the behest of the interests who benefit by the fissures than the unity of the state. They throw a smoke screen to their vicious plans. In fact, they are doing more harm than good to the state. Not that they are not  aware of the reality and the life the people want to live in a peaceful manner. But  under the influence of the  disruptive forces they  are working to break the sensitive state on the  non-issues.

There are several issues facing Jammu and Kashmir, which can be dealt with promotion of harmony. But bringing in the non-issues covers up the real issues.  The irony is that some of the issues facing the state are common to the peoples of all the places. Each and every citizen of this state wants good roads, electricity, water, education, health care and pure air to breathe. But, it is given out as if these common issues are  good for some and bad for the others.  Few other issues are peculiar to a set of people and  areas and a harmonious approach is needed to overcome the  problems. Even if one part is ailing, the whole  body suffers.  

Kashmir is an issue, it cannot be  overlooked. The people in Kashmir have a litany of  grouses, the range of which cannot be measured in  one column. The  real part is that the people there have a sense of deep alienation. Some of it comes to them with the cradle,  and the rest rises parallel as they grow in particular surroundings, where there is fear of both the known and unknown  This conditions them, and the way their real issues are tackled with in a callous manner, things deteriorate. The fault  clearly lies with the politicians, who allow the vested interest to exploit the situation and create the narrative of negativity.

In such a situation, things  go wrong.  Of course, the atmosphere of conflict can not be  kept aside. This becomes a part of life because of the persistent conditions in which  the  sense of conflict and alienation grow. The conflict will persist unless it is resolved.  That is natural. If there are sincere efforts, the  problems can be resolved and the theme of winning hearts and minds would gain meaning if it is  taken as a mission and not as  chessboard game. But this feeling should not be  allowed to become a vehicle  of clash between peoples. There always can be arguments and counter-arguments in a  civilised society. Kashmiris are sagacious  people to understand that the  conflict talk can either be extended to cover everything nor  can it be limited to just a debate.  

As we recall the world history, Germany that thrust two world wars in the 20th century, today is working hard to contain the conflict in Europe. It doesn’t want repeat of the ugly history that had besmirched its landscape. Germany is an economic powerhouse in Europe, to which  almost all  countries look up to. It was a military power in the last century and today it is the economic power. The sum of the matter is that it is powerful , but the  pedestal is different. It is  working to save the lives not destroy the same. Germany is known for the fall of the  Berlin Wall  at the fag end of the last century and that was its turning point.

If the  conflict was to be resolved  by guns and  bombs, then  by now all conflicts in the world would have ended. That has not happened, because the  lexicon of the conflict  only  expands conflict. At the moment, the venomous  narrative is  being added, that everyone else is an enemy. This feeling is being raised not only against the people outside but also within Jammu and Kashmir. There  are indeed certain  sad and bad chapters that leave wounds that fester for years, but  those cannot be  kept for ever. The best option is to heal the wounds.  Of the two options, which one is better; to  re-open and deepen  the  wounds by  retelling the tales of vicious politics, or  there  should be  sincere ventures to heal the wounds.  There is a future ahead for all of us. The attempt should be  to stick to the truth and not distort it for the personal gains.  The commitment toward society should be honoured. It should be done in a dignified way  and not by creating hate  figures within and outside.

Broadly speaking,  we all view Jammu and Kashmir as a state with three distinct regions. Kashmir Valley blessed with unmatched beauty and beautiful people.  It has suffered a lot. The pain has reached its peak. Jammu region, the land of hills and plains where the diversity is much more, not only geographically but also demographically. This region has its own potential, but how to utilise it depends mainly  on how the  people here want to. They  also are victims  of day dreaming and have been misled and exploited.  But there are certain elements who do not want this region to grow. Sometimes, identity is sought to be  split by sub regions that it has,  and at times by bringing out the religious, ethnic and  linguistic  differences.  Hills versus plains is not the only way to describe its geographical split, which if looked from a positive  angle is a  source of  its unique unity in diversity . Gujjars versus Paharis is another aspect that is used more as a means to showcase the divisions than  the unity of the place where they live together. Incidentally these mountains in Jammu  connect it to the Valley. Just crossing the mountains opens the way to the Kashmir Valley and the glaciers lead the way to Ladakh region. Unfortunately, in Ladakh too, we tend to talk in different locales and peoples. A united picture of the state is more beautiful, just think of it.