Just unacceptable

Tariq Fateh is spewing ignorance, fury, bias and malice - all in one breath

It is yet another tragedy that all the Muslim Community in general and the Muslims of the subcontinent, in particular, have to be face to face with at the hands of a pseudo-journalist, Tariq Fateh. 

He has been accorded recognition of an accredited journalist reportedly. But it is unfortunate that in a democratic country like India where scientists, intellectuals, doctors and literally stalwarts matter, a person like him is doing a malicious propaganda against Islam and Muslims. 

When Tariq Fateh opens his biased mouth, he spreads a lethal stench through every word against Islam and those who have this faith dearer than their lives. He is born in Pakistan, tried to work in Saudi Arabia (and Ousted) and immigrated to Canada. Now the scathing aspirant of settling in India, has very doubtful antecedents and attributes. Through his appeasement agenda, he, at the moment, dominates almost all the TV channels. He has an Illusion of being able to woo all the Hindus to stand by him in the venomous propaganda. But fortunately, many of them exercise their intellectual faculty to sift grain from the chaff. 

One single hand’s insidious and malignant propaganda against the (again) the second largest population of the world amounting to 1.8 billion souls can’t alter the fringes of faith… but can hurt the hearts. 

They are robust enough to endure the loss infringed upon them in person, but they are not swimmingly available to go on tolerating the insults on Islam, for whom their lives are ready to be sacrificed. 

Tariq Fateh has been rejecting and snubbing the aim and purpose of Islam. He is nullifying the importance of the  tall Muslim intellectuals. He is disapproving the Two-nation theory…all right. 

It is a political issue. He is free to adopt the political Creed of any leader…all right. 

But let this counterfiet intellectual be aware that Muhammad (SAW) delivered the whole mankind of the shackles of subjugation, exploitation, ugly treatment of apartheid, colour and race. He abluted the soil with his tears  on the burial of girl-newborn (though practised by the non-Muslims). He had not a piece of paper in hand, upon which was prescripted a few words of ways of hegemony and limited bigotry. In his exalted scared hand was the manifesto for the entire humanity. He is first among few highest ones of the outright mankind. Bow before his name, and ablute your mouth before uttering. 

Tariq pulverizes the height of Allama Dr Mohammed Iqbal also for his entire utterance is of no panacea for him. 

This is true that Muslims fell in the miasma of some contradictions after the Holy Apostle of Allah (saw), flew to his heavenly Abode, but this is stronger truth all the  communities  of Islam stand at one point when it comes to the most truthful Prophet (SAW) and his ordained commandments.  This filthy propagation of Tariq has decimated the noble Muslim community to the point of a despicable rubbish. 

The scope of discussing the prophet’s Law, erudition, worriorship and countless Treasures of virtues in his faith being absent here, it is worthwhile to issue the advisory to Tariq Fateh to behave properly and to all the anchors of the channels to cut to size the false opportunities to malign a gorgeous religion and its followers.