Kangaroo cried for justice

There lived in a jungle a mighty tiger, Sarkar, who, by his enormous power, had gained domination of entire land of the jungle. Two wily hyenas, Dro-bur & Gro-jur, & an old cunning black wolf, U-Ghan, also lived there in the jungle. Sarkar, the tiger, one day called the trio of animals to enjoin them upon with a whistling warning: “Animals, you know why have I called you here……..…..?” “No, Sarkar….no……we know not….”, replied three animals. “To bind you to my orders that I’m going to read out for your lifetime compliance”, said Sarkar. “A boundary in this vast jungle has been drawn for your living & hunting, which boundary, I must tell, you must never cross over to my side of empire. Trespass will be unpardonable offence ….”, Sarkar conveyed his order to the animals. “Which boundary, Sarkar…?”, asked three animals. “O……look, look, there is a row of pine trees on your left, the area behind that has been limited for your living, enjoying & hunting ….. though that limit too, to clarify, comes under my subjugation as king of the jungle…..”, said Sarkar. “Yep, yep,…we see, Sarkar, but land from that side is a small part of the jungle , can we manage killing & hunting for our living in such a small ……..?”, asked U-Ghan. “U-Ghaaaaan,…… don’t ask too much…”, angry Sarkar roared like a thunder, and continued “what I have fixed for you, three, is more than your Awqat [worth] & need for your sustenance .. …..remember my diktat is irrevocable, pathar ki lakeer [line inscribed on stone], I mean, can’t be questioned, nor undone…” “ We don’t question Sarkar but beg to submit , land from this side of the jungle, we mean, your Sarkar’s side, is too vast which we humbly believe your Sarkar has reserved for yourself ….., are we right Sarkar”, asked Gro-Jur in a feeble voice . “You are right Gro-Jur, I am mighty, far powerful than you all, subservient filth….and note I won’t tolerate trespassing of my large expanse of land & any kind of hunting there ….”, Sarkar cleared & warned the three savages. “Meeting is over, you can now return to the specified slot for living & hunting there, without invoking curse of my wrath….”,  Sarkar left with this loud message for future conduct of living & hunting of the trio of beasts.

Among the three, U-Ghan was the oldest. Whenever Sarkar was off the jungle, U-Ghan would find opportunities to enter the Sarkar’s land surreptitiously. Big hunting, killing & eating of inferior-animals in prohibited Sarkar’s land wouldn’t satiate his big belly to its fill. Like a sexual predator, he had developed sensual taste of catching, grasping by milky necks, & then sucking fresh blood from there, of beautiful multi-coloured hirans [female musk deers & fawns] of the jungle. U-Ghan was like a virtual sadist psychopath. As years passed, he became too fatty by too much eating of animal meat & drinking blood of young hirans , and in his dotage, wasn’t able to move & hunt anymore. Before he retired finally to a cave for his remaining-life-rest, U-Ghan had brought & adopted a little white Kangaroo from a far forest whom he introduced to the two hyenas, telling them: “Well, at last, I’ve decided to give up my hunting activity & retire permanently to a nearby cave, as I’m too old now to hunt anymore, little Kangaroo will be a symbol of my goodness with you; being herbivore, he won’t a problem for your carnivorous onslaughts; just keep sending me through him little animal-meat for my sustenance in the cave; am confident you guys will patronize this little creature with love ..……”, U-Ghan uttered these last words before leaving hunting field for two hyenas & confined himself henceforth in the cave like Indian Robin Hood in wood. U-Ghan’s violations of Sarkar’s prohibited zone remained hidden from Sarkar.

After U-Ghan retired from hunting field, lanky & ugly hyena, Dro-bur, who had already learnt from U-Ghan how, in absence of Sarkar, he had to enjoy entering the Sarkar’s prohibited zone. He as a dangerous creature by nature, had got the taste of hunting & killing animals in the Sarkar’s prohibited zone, during Sarkar’s absence, and within small time, he put on a lot of weight of dirty fat on his trunk. Too much weight on trunk over-weighed the capacity of his weak legs bringing him down one day to the ground, like a tall tree smashed by storm, and wasn’t, then, in a position to walk. He was crippled & got confined to a cave like a stray gutter-worm pushed back to gutter by heavy downpour.

Little Kangaroo though originally adopted by U-Ghan was lovingly nurtured by Dro-bur during his heydays of strength in the specified slot of the jungle. Kangaroo, during his growing days, was silently watching robust hunting by U-Ghan & Dro-bur.

Restricted to his cave by vagaries of time, Dro-bur too was no more in hunting competition now.  With no competitors in hunting & killing in the prohibited area of the jungle, the field was now wide open for Gro-jur to run for big catches & killings. Both U-Ghan & Dro-Bur were caved in to oblivion of time. Gro-Jur was cruelest among the three predators. He would first flay alive variety of animals before devouring them up. As U-Ghan enjoyed killing, & sucking thin blood of hirans in the Sarkar’s prohibited zone, Gro-Jur relished mostly meat of wild hogs. His insatiable hunger & greed for feeding on pigs in prohibited zone had brought extinction of that species in the jungle. U-Ghan & Dro-bur too wanted to have taste of wild pigs sometimes but Gro-jur hadn’t left spared one of the species for them. Gro-jur then grew too fatty to carry on comfortably the burden of his stinking old body which compelled him to restrict himself to his separate cave in the jungle, like U-Ghan & Dro-bur.

With three animals rested to their respective caves, Kangaroo under a wrong notion thought he could also play mischief in absence of Sarkar. He had seen three savages trespassing & killing in the prohibited zone. Against his being a meek herbivore by nature, he tried to look like three carnivores. He was grazing on grass & leaves. Now, with trio of animals gone, he would run beyond his allotted portion of land & enter the prohibited zone, gather remnants of carrions there. He would then sit & foolishly laugh upon the heaps of carrions, getting pleasure by self-deceiving belief, he was as strong as three carnivores of wolf & hyenas.

One sunny day, while he was lost in restless sleep on a heap of carcasses, moving his slender legs in different directions, as if an imbecile posing for photographs or non compos mentis king thrust on throne, Sarkar appeared abruptly from an alley of the jungle. Kangaroo tried to run away but Sarkar overpowered & caught him by his neck with strong claws. “So, it is, I’ve nabbed you, who has slaughtered beautiful hirans, animals, caused extinction of pigs in my jungle ….”, Sarkar roared while holding Kangaroo under his paws. “ Sarkar, how could I, herbivore…..”, answered shivering Kangaroo. With his powerful jaws on Kangaroo’s neck,  Kangaroo cryingly said: “Sarkar, Sarkar, I was misled & enticed by my patrons , wolf & hyenas, to misadventure of entering your empire…..……pardon me Sarkar…..”.  “No, don’t know…..you violated my orders …..” , Sarkar roared again “Sarkar, I encroached upon your empire but never killed ….”, said Kangaroo. “I caught you red handed, you red-cheeked liar ……..”, furious Sarkar was tightening grip on Kangaroo’s white neck. “Sarkar, you know their  trespasses are deeper in your empire, they killed countless animals….how can they go uncaught & unpunished by you, Sarkar…..” Kangaroo was pleading for equal justice to all.  “They are resting & hiding in their caves…Sarkar drag them out from their hidden caves & punish them, for their bigger violations….”, Kangaroo continued pleading for equal justice. Sarkar was too furious to spare Kangaroo. So, Kangaroo was slaughtered for his mischief. Terrified small animals & birds around were mutely watching slaughter of Kangaroo with a visible endorsement of Kangaroo’s demand for equal justice “trio of old savages be dragged out from their caves, punished by Sarkar, for their bigger violations of the prohibited zone”.

Note: It’s a work of fiction.