Kashmir: An artistic display

We have been hearing and visiting the exhibitions where the master pieces of art, paintings, calligraphy, and many other things are put on display inviting the applause and the admiration of art lovers all over the world. We need food, water, air and shelter for our survival as also so many other things for our day today needs. To satiate our aesthetic needs we need a lot more and which can only be met in the shape of fine arts, paintings, music, poetry etc.

During my Umrah pilgrimage I had the privilege to have the ziarat of Madina a few years back. On the backside of the Rozai Athar, outside the Masjid Nabvi I happened to see an exhibition of Asmai Hassana (99 holy names of Allah and 99 names of our beloved prophet). The exhibition was housed in two sprawling buildings and one stall had been reserved  for one sacred name, then explained with the help of projectors and different natural phenomena  displayed on the screens continuously. There were interpreters also who would explain them orally in different languages. It was perhaps my bad luck that I could not see all the stalls due to time constraint. But I found the exhibition very faith instilling (Eemmaan Afroz) besides providing a vast information about Allah’s creation of this universe. I can’t say whether the exhibition is still there.

The purpose of my narrating this is just to underline that the creation of this universe and its different phenomena can explain the different facets of existence of Allah,  more than any thing else. Only we have to ponder over these signs and, and analyse the manifestations. As we see that the artists desire that their works of art that they puts on display should be seen and admired, similarly this universe is also a great mastsr piece of art created by Allah so that  we examine it and be firm in our belief in Him.

All of us are aware and the use the terms like “copy & paste” or  “cloning” etc. There are innumerable examples of similarities of many geographies and topographies. When we say Kashmir is the Switzerland of Asia it means that Allah has made Kashmir as beautiful and scenic as Switzerland is.

Nearer home the topography of our Tangmarg is quite similar with that of Panzgam in Kupwara and the two seem to be Allah’s master pieces of art of creation. The karewas from Budgam to Pattan also display bewitching symmetry and a pattern although our greed has started to disturb it by extraction of soil, speeding up its erosion. Even here in Srinagar see the topographic similarity of Takhte Sulaiman (Shankar Acharya) and the Kohi Maran (Hariparbhat) hills.

It is as such clear that this universe is a canvass of great artwork at display and we need only to apply our mind in order that our belief in the creation of our Allah gets strengthened. May Allah bestow us with knowledge and faith.