Killing suffocations

The sage, before parting and moving on his way, left a bead of advices for the policeman

M J Aslam
Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 11 2017 10:41PM | Updated Date: Dec 11 2017 10:41PM
Killing suffocations

A policeman was hunting the countryside for a killer who had been killing people by suffocating them to death. He met, midway through the hunting path, an old sage who had wrinkles of wisdom all over his face. After revealing clues relative to the felon, he asked the venerated sage, had he any knowledge about the notorious killer-suffocater. The sage, keeping pensively mum for sometime, said: “you may succeed in hunting out a known killer that kills, leaving behind trail of subtle evidence to nab him, but you know not there is his twin brother that kills more by suffocation, without letting a trace of evidence out in law, making your job a bit difficult”. 

 The policeman was struck by the wise sage’s words that required elaboration which request was granted by the sage by unfolding smile on his taut-face and drawing together his thick eyebrows and so, he said: “Bosom of human is the deep repository of all human feelings, experiences and secrets of life. It knows of open and hidden suffocations and their sequels very well: Open suffocation ends [human] life, then and there, with evidence, while hidden suffocation prolongs and procrastinates the end that comes to the victim, little by little, slowly, silently, secretly and invisibly, with evidence camouflaged by the pretences and pretexts of the hidden suffocater. The open suffocation is far less painful than the hidden suffocation, inasmuch as its effect is immediate, identifiable and traceable compared to the latter ……”  

“Wiseman, you know, we, cops, are concerned with clear evidences only, so we look for causes of suffocation by strangulation or smothering, or where dead was suspiciously found trapped in a room filled with smoke, or where he was gassed…....”, policeman stated.  

“Yes, I know, your investigations are limited by procedures and intertwined with corporeal evidences only……”. After a little pause, inhaling deeply, the sage continued, “…… And, there are people who feel suffocation, also, in old stuffy homes, new smog cities, stinky slums and areas littered with garbage. Don’t you think they have a right of freedom from these killing suffocations?  Isn’t there criminal negligence on the part of the State officialdom, silently watching the people getting harmed by these killing suffocations?” asked the sage.  

“As I know, the State officialdom is always on the job taking all necessary measures to prevent and eradicate such killing suffocations, but it’s to take time to reach to the day of their total elimination from our country and the world…..”, replied the policeman. 

“For that day to come, when people will be free of such killing suffocations, we can only pray and hope …..”, said the sage. 

“Yes, but I still haven’t understood the allegorical expressions of ‘hidden suffocations’ you alluded to earlier without explaining further. I will feel greatly blessed if you please untie the knot of my head’s understanding …,” requested the policeman.  

Pulling an intelligent grim on his broad face, the sage said: “Yes, I will expound the allegory to you so that your understanding catches it….. Look, your investigations shouldn’t be limited to the killings caused by ‘open suffocations’ due to strangulation, smothering, smoke and suchlike. You owe a duty to the State and your Lord to hunt those slow-killer-suffocaters, as well, who kill by ‘hidden suffocations’ which they cause by creating inimical, intimidating, inequitable, abusive, anxious and tense atmospheres for the victims and whose killing, usually, go unreported and unnoticed…… The victims, sadly and deeply, over long periods of time, carry the unwanted feelings of ‘hidden suffocations’ since they are obligated by destiny or necessity to live, or work, or be, in such relations and situations …..”, the sage, before parting and moving on his way, left a bead of advices and clues behind for the policeman to dig out the slow-killer-suffocaters.

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