Learn lessons from history

Learn lessons from history

This was the time when the two most sworn fascists Hitler and Mussolini were in ascendency post world war-I.

The religion of Arthshastra is ‘Brahmanism with emphasis on the supremacy of Vedas for the world….will ever prosper and not perish (1.3.17)’.

Reference page 37 Kautaliya  Arthshatra by L N Rangarajan. 

Sarwarker founded RSS in 1925 based on this very hypothesis. This was the time when the two most sworn fascists Hitler and Mussolini were in ascendency post world war-I. This is from where Sarwarker drew his motivation for radicalisation for emancipation for Kautaya’s brand of Brahmanical order and rechristened it as Hinduism. He was waiting for an opportune time to settle scores with mainly Muslims for their 800 years of ruling India and said so in no uncertain terms. Immediately Sangh Parivar came to absolute power in 2014. This will remain their main focus. Sarwerkar did not relent even at the reactionary forces led by Hitler were defeated in the second world war. Instead the Sangh Parivar lied low and did not even participate in the independence movement which by then had got a flip as the British economy shattered because of the prolonged war from 1939-1945.  Lying low never meant giving up the  dream of Akhand Bharat. The organisation however was renamed as a cultural organisation and it’s members as Sevaks; keeping the communal agenda as a top secret. It’s lid was however blown off when Nathu Ram Godse murdered Mahatma Gandhi in 1948.

After a long wait they entered political arena in a concrete manner in 2002 on the name and style of BJP. But kept the real intention to their chest for they could not get sufficient numbers to rule exclusively towards their goal. With softer face A B Vajpayee in the fore they unraveled their experiment in Gujarat in 2002.

Following nine-eleven, the Muslims around the world being on the back foot these Hindu fascists saw an opportunity to bounce back and capture absolute power riding anti Muslim bandwagon. Being canny and astute Modi successfully delivered with his development mantra promising the burgeoning educated youth in particular Achhe din keeping the real agenda in wraps. This was exactly what he did in Gujarat he kept himself busy with development agenda but carried forward the real agenda. 

The beginning has been made with the Agra forced conversions being termed as Ghar Wapsi with bigger tamasha by VHP. Having seen the fate of Hitler and Mussolini they should have learnt a lesson or two from history.  They should know that history is witness to the fact that religious extremism brought down the Muslim empire of Andalusia, Power of pope along his Vatican, Jewish intriguing extremism gave birth to Christianism, Buddhism and Jainism was a reaction against Hindu Brahmanism and continuation of  division of Hindu society on cast based philosophy made conversion of millions of untouchables but necessary. They should have stressed on the universal appeal of religion, rather than making religion as a tool to propagate their communal policy.