Let's prioritise our policies

Let's prioritise our policies

Open letter to His Excellency Governor of J&K

Jenab S P Malik Ji, 

His Excellency, 

Governor, J&K. 

Kashmir problem is bigger than the geographical size of South Asia, kept lingering for decades with half hearted approach from stakeholders who have never tried an out of box solution to this conundrum. Militaristic approach and warmongering has consumed generation after generation with fifth generation of Kashmiris on streets who unfortunately are branded as religiously radicalised lot, but savants would agree it is a political radicalisation due to historic blunders with no serious political engagement leaving millennials at the mercy of security forces. There can be no substitute to trilateral talks for peaceful resolution of K-issue but we all have a moral responsibility of ensuring grievance redressal on ground zero through all possible channels and resources. In conflict zones the netizens need be addressed with empathy for relative if not absolute peace to prevail. The marginalisation is a vicious circle which would alienate the aggrieved in an irreversible direction. Our state is one of the most corrupt states where public protests for basic amenities continue on regular basis, the issue of transparent governance has been a distant dream which has been sold as a political tool and never implemented on ground zero. Words like atrocities, harassments, scams, backdoor appointments, civilian killings mark the front page of our top newspapers and online portals. Non governmental organisations, sponsored individuals/teams and enquiry commissions who vow to streamline things prove mere eyewash. 

Sir, your latest statement wherein you have asked Hurriyat to directly communicate and report atrocities is appreciable and a move towards grievance redressal. Last three decades have seen umpteen cases of commissions who could never melt the ice, the files gathered dust, not a single report was put to public domain consequently justice was never delivered. Your latest move has the potential to effectively make a sea change and turn things for better, minimising potential for ultracrepidarian middlemen whose lackadaisical and biased approach has ensured “ truth” as the biggest casualty. The issues of effective governance and public grievance redressal seem to top your agenda and deserves appreciation from one and  all. I wish and hope you continue with this zeal and enthusiasm , since all these efforts would cumulatively take us to a conducive atmosphere wherein all stakeholders can sit together and talk peace with justice. In a postmodern era where economic giants focus all resources for human development and future challenges, we still believe in heretic politics of hate and warmongering, let us give peace a chance, let the neighbouring countries detente. It is high time to prioritise our policies and focus on ground zero.

Once again thank you for expediting innovative measures for greievence redressal. 

Inam Un Nabi  is a Socio-Political activist