Life is all important

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Even though we find slogans like “Stay home Stay Safe” everywhere, make sure that slogan doesn’t lose its meaning. We shouldn’t take something regarding our precious life lightly because life doesn’t come back again. Steps have to be taken to safeguard it. Take precautions and any other steps necessary for being safe. Life is ab ‘amanat’ -a trust – from your Almighty Allah and you have the responsibility of protecting it. Embrace that responsibility.

We are living in that very piece of land which has a huge experience of lockdowns. Now, the world is experiencing those lockdowns too but they have not witnessed even a shade of the lockdowns that we have experienced. They are inside, but their kids are not being deprived of Education. In this era, when we can take advantage from virtual classrooms, have access to national and international libraries, research papers, magazines, journals, monographs, text and reference books, we’re still lacking the facilities to do so. These things do not fall under our accessible domain, because we are still in the ‘2G’ era and 4G fast internet has become a dream. Whenever there is a lockdown in our state, which is unfortunately not infrequent,  our education becomes the first casualty.

You also need money for survival – since you can’t visit  ATMs for transaction, the best way is to go for an online transfer mode and again it needs fast internet, and we are again deprived. 
Good health is vital, one needs medicines or some preventive gear for protection . That also needs high speed internet. We again fail here. 
What is the government’s justification this time ?

Lots of people have come forward to request them for restoration of high speed internet but it just ends up getting ignored. The social media is accessible now, again, I fail to see the reason behind this prolonged ban on high speed internet.

Dr Syed Naseem Geelani is Associate Professor / Head, Division of SBS, FoF, SKUAST-K