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New Delhi continues bulldozing elected governments, and trashing the genuine rights of the people of Jammu & Kashmir

Er Rasheed
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jun 22 2018 9:47PM | Updated Date: Jun 22 2018 9:47PM
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It were not only masses but Mehbooba Mufti and her colleagues too, who were taken by surprise when BJP all of a sudden dumped Mehbooba. Kashmiris who opposed BJP-PDP alliance from day one, and were always keen to see an end to the collation, despite hating it, were shocked to see Mehbboa getting slapped so hard by those whom she and her father tried to paint as saints and angles. History will always remember Mehbooba Mufti for giving BJP and its allied organizations a legitimate and moral entry in Kashmir. It looks strange that rather than strengthening so the called mainstream forces, whosoever has ruled in New Delhi, has often ditched them. From late Sheikh Sahab to Mehbooba Mufti all the Kashmiri leaders have met almost the same fate. However, one would be dishonest and incorrect to blame New Delhi for all that Kashmiri leaders have faced from 1947 till date.

The lack of sincerity, commitment, consistency and vision has given New Delhi a free hand to use Kashmiri leaders like tissue papers and rubber stamps. Unfortunately from Sarpanchs to Chief Minister every elected public representative failed to understand that his strength is by virtue of the people, not because of the blessings of New Delhi. NC being the only main regional party till PDP came into existence, can be held responsible for disempowering Kashmiris but the harsh reality is that it were again few own Kashmiris including Bhakshi Gh. Mohammad, G. M. Sadiq and Mufti Mohammad Syed who would not waste even a second to ditch late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah by hatching conspiracies against him and thus allowed him to betray his people. However, after PDP came into existence, it became easier for New Delhi to keep Kashmiris engaged in a blame game and engage them fighting with each other without a cause.


While one would have felt satisfied seeing at least two regional parties NC and PDP involved in competing each other to fight for restoring honor and dignity of their people but what happened since PDP emerged as alternative to NC, has been more devastating for Kashmiris than 1990 era. In any other state the regional parties always are on toes and in a race to represent their people in the best possible way but unfortunately in Jammu and Kashmir each of the regional parties has the ultimate goal to prove its loyalty to New Delhi more than its rival regional party. NC or PDP Being loyal to New Delhi have never been a cause of worry for common Kashmiris, as no one was ever under impression that mainstream parties can resolve Kashmir issue, but trying to implement vicious agenda of New Delhi in a state where lacs of innocents have lost their lives since 1947 and which is still burning in flames, the mainstream parties could have at least acted as bridge between people, New Delhi and Islamabad not only to facilitate a meaningful dialogue but to minimize violence in Jammu & Kashmir.


Having ambitions for power can by no means be criteria to hate or condemn Omer Abdullah or Mehbooba Mufti. But to facilitate bulldozing rights of their people is unacceptable and cannot be justified by any means. Whatsoever, Mehbooba Mufti and her colleagues may be discussing and planning in their cozy drawing rooms is of no use now. The unfortunate part of the story is that the lies of NC and PDP have given masses enough reason to doubt all those who try to speak sense even with consistency and sincerity. Now when Mehbooba is out of power, her condemnations of atrocities by forces and arrogances of New Delhi will prove counterproductive for Kashmiris as neither people nor New Delhi nor international community will take her words seriously and in fact her every pro-people statement will annoy masses the same way they have been condemning Omer Abdullah for lack of sincerity and consistency.


The only way to restore the confidence among masses and make New Delhi realize that Kashmiris are not duffers; NC and PDP should bury the past, know the fact that New Delhi sees them of no worth, seek apology from their own people and start a new joint beginning with a common goal to facilitate resolution to Kashmir dispute by taking Pakistan, Huriyat and militant leadership on board. It is all achievable if Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti understand the sensitivities of the issues above their personal egos, likes and dislikes. But if they fail to do so, New Delhi will continue bulldozing elected governments and the genuine rights of masses of Jammu & Kashmir.

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