My Alma Mater

When we take a look at the facts, undoubtedly Delhi Public School, Athwajan appears among the Valley’s top most schools. It is located in the foot of a hillock surrounded by a beautiful pond of water on the backside. This provides the most eye-catching scene a school can ever have. The atmosphere of this school is highly suitable for students from all kinds of backgrounds. The friendly atmosphere helps students to adapt themselves more easily to the values and morals of the school. According to me the best feature of this school is that each class has been allotted with its own homeroom teacher and the class is considered to be a family. In DPS, we are taught that school is our second home and teachers are our second parents. This helps the students to communicate well with the teachers. When it comes to academics, DPS enjoys a good reputation. It employs highly educated teachers and exposes them to various courses in order to learn more about students. DPS often sends its teachers for a special training that helps them to learn new techniques of student management. Special counselling classes are held periodically for each class separately. This helps the students to relax and share their problems with the counsellor. Other than this, the student can fix an appointment with the counsellor at any time and can discuss his/her problems be it academic or personal. When it comes to co-curricular activities, DPS stands at the top of the list. It has always encouraged students to take part in the events regarding sports, art and music. It encourages students to live in a particular code of conduct. Morning assembly and prayer help students to calm down. You can see students busy in classrooms, library, playground and every nook and corner of the school.

The atmosphere of DPS has a great impact on the students’ personality. It helps to develop the vocabulary of the students and makes them more confident by holding speeches, discussions and presentations. One of the unique features of this school is that it has a separate department for specially-abled students. Trained teachers are allotted to this department who take full care and responsibilities of the students. The department is called Special Education Needs (SEN). I feel really proud to call myself an ex-DPS student and feel strong affection towards the institution.