My Own Agent

I was perhaps the last man to decide about my participation in parliamentary elections. Like every politician I had my convictions, compulsions and ambitions. I had reasons to take a call about my participation at the eleventh hour.

Many of my well-wishers feel that I should have taken a call few weeks earlier and things would have been different but I had my own issues. I never claimed to be leader of masses but thanks Almighty and every single voter, at least I didn’t compromise my conscience. Election is about management, propaganda, cadre and money. Unfortunately all these factors were not in my favour.

I feel highly emotional for the reason these elections have unmasked many harsh and bitter facts pertaining my politics, affiliations and my personality. Many would often label me as Pakistani proxy and others would call me Delhi’s own man. For some my every activity was being financed and sponsored by Pakistan.

That was the reason why I was often harassed, humiliated and physically tortured during last ten years and the animosity against me reached its peak when I was summoned by NIA and no one spoke even a word, as if I was an alien to this place. Similarly those who claim themselves to be lone warriors and protectors of sacrifices of Kashmiris, would leave no stone unturned in doubting my intentions, every time I would hit the streets or try to have a divergent view over any sensitive issue.

No doubt I am having a political agenda with which many may agree and others may disagree, but I, after a deep thought and keen analysis, decided to contest the parliamentary election for north Kashmir seat and also decided to show AIP’s nominal presence in entire state. Besides following my agenda and conviction I certainly wanted to convey all quarters that I am agent of my conscience, don’t take dictations from New Delhi and Islamabad and do believe in what I say.

I never wanted it to make a laughing stock of myself by fielding candidates in five parliamentary seats but wanted to send a hard and harsh message to  those who would often claim that I am getting money from Pakistan for my political activities  and do follow someone’s agenda.

No matter how many votes I may take from north Kashmir but my campaign gave sleepless nights to many – from establishment to political parties and security agencies to those who would call many areas as no entry zone. I have a question today to ask to those who dragged me to NIA that open your eyes and see that one can reach out to the people without resources if he has a conviction, no doubt people may reject his ideas. Of course money matters but money is not everything and I am satisfied that I had tried to reach and explain my views to masses despite every factor against me.

I am sure the vote share I am taking from north Kashmir should shut up mouths of people like Omer Abdullah who would call often that people like me are there to cut votes of NC. The argument that I have been batting for someone should get buried under tons of soil now, as the indigenous character of my election campaign was visible throughout and my political opponents had to accept it publicly.

Those who would call me Pakistani proxy should answer why didn’t Pakistan and its real proxies asked people to come out in Sopore, Pattan, Baramulla, Sangrama, Bandipora and other places and vote for Er. Rasheed and those for whom I was an Indian agent must answer who facilitated boycott in few pockets of Langate, Rafiabad and Sopore where I was expected to get huge votes.

Isn’t it strange that PC ensured a boycott in many pockets by hiring a section of professional stone palters and may those for whom I am an Indian agent answer whose idea facilitated killing of a teen ager in my constituency. Let there be no debate over the fact that the deep state helped Sajad Lone and NC by ensuring election boycott in various areas and pro resistance leadership and Pakistan tried everything to ensure that Er. Rasheed should not make it to the parliament.

Let me conclude by saying that whosoever may win but I have at least been able to expose proxies of India and Pakistan and am sure that the real Kashmiris have recognized the fact that Er. Rasheed is agent of masses and that of his conscience.