Newsroom without our Mudi Bhai

The newsroom in Greater Kashmir won’t be the same without Muddasir Ali (our Mudi bhai)
Newsroom without our Mudi Bhai
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The newsroom in Greater Kashmir won't be the same without Muddasir Ali (our Mudi bhai). His untimely death has left a void which is hard to fill for us in the GK Newsroom. He was our mentor, guide, and brother and in the newsroom; he was our go-to man. For any professional advice he was always there.

After his death the newsroom looks desolate; his chair, his desk, his computer – as if everything haunts.

His long lectures on topics ranging from politics to economy, or how to make stories more presentable will be missed badly by all of us in the newsroom.

It was a ritual in Greater Kashmir Newsroom that if any of our colleagues was working on a story having a significant importance, it has to be discussed, deliberated upon with Mudi bhai. Then he would suggest ways to improve it and make it more newsy.

After attending any event, be it a press conference or on any other happening, we used to look out for our Mudi Bhai. Smiling, this gentleman would always first listen to our ideas and without letting us feel offended, he would in his unique way suggest 'boss, you could write it this way, or may be that way'. Then in a jiffy, he would type a better version of our story idea and pop it through messenger to our computers. This was a ritual in the newsroom be it his juniors or seniors, they would seek his suggestion for any news mostly those of importance. He would always help even sometimes when he was busy with his work.

A thorough gentleman, Mudi bhai's sheer presence in the newsroom was a blessing. With him around evenings (our working time) in the newsroom were all about work, food and lots of gossip. Now he has left for a better world, he will continue to remain with us through his memories, advice and teachings. 

May Allah grant him highest place in Jannah

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