No difference

No difference

Two straight arms of status-quo politics

Ambitiously seized to the task, devil never is fatigued in conceiving new ideas, rather new tools of machination to create and run his parallel authority.  After all he has the divine permission to uphold his banner to rebellion and enlarge his empire by all means worst. One trick not yielding desired results, another hundreds wait for marching orders. His ambush in looping man in his own fold is marvelous. It needs a rebel to make a world of his own and rebel he turned with a challenge against his own creator. With all his ignominy and degradation counted in his account, the devil preserved one rare attributive. And that is honesty in wickedness. The diadem he wore for all times to come.  

But with all his ‘sovereignty’ sanctioned in his name, he did not anticipate that there would be a certain breed from Adam’s progeny competent enough to dethrone him (the devil) from the throne that God Himself has not liked to disturb. The culture of politics worshipped and promoted by two ‘regional’ parties, NC and PDP has many stunning genetic strands even the master strategist in deceit would love to embrace. When I see their dramatic shift from super-loyalty to India in times of power to super-truculence when deprived of it, I swoon to our beloved poet Iqbal’s couplet :

Jamhoor kay iblees hayn arbab-e-sayasat

Baki nahein ab merey zaroorat tahai aflak

( ‘At the forefront of political order, there we have installed our own devils in democratic robes, so no need to run it ourselves’)

Whether it is satisfaction in having inheritance lay safe in loyalist hands or expression of grief in certain erosion of his authority, one thing is clear: this breed of politicians have chafed us to their dubious opportunism and perfidious dishonesty. In one of my last article I talked about NC and Abdullah dynasty. Some called me partisan, not looking at the other stinking lid, that of the PDP and the Muftis. Who will tell them that holding one group or individual, even a country in a dock does not amount to vouchsafing other.

PDP, as we have many a time said, is green in deception against the red in NC. They compliment each other to make two straight arms of status-quoistic politics. The two sultans fighting each other to win over their sartaj in Delhi’s court. PDP fawned on where NC was ambivalent. And NC improvised where PDP fumbled. Both are co-architects of unenviable fate we find difficult to wriggle out from. As NC scripted the pre-emblem of our doom, PDP offered itself as a surrogate mother of all the intrigues that followed. It was none other than the tall Sheikh Abdullah who, in complete disregard of the aspirations and sentiments of people, fastened us in the groove every chain of which has catastrophe written on it. He bonded us to Nehruvian shenanigans who massaged his pride. As noted writer and legal luminary A G Noorani has said Nehru even summoned her daughter Indra Gandhi from Shimla to play host to Abdullah and take care of his hygiene and meals. Abdullah was Nehru’s official guest, a ‘family member’, relishing luxuries and pleasures as Indian army was sent to Kashmir. And Mufti Sayed, we know  became a willing tool in stripping  what little we had of the residual sovereignty. Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah, the self-called ‘lion’ has all his teeth pulled out. The monument raised on lust of power, privileges and comforts soon tumbled down. Constitutional guaranteed proved too week to withstand malicious intentions and disproportionality of power structure. Abdullah and his NC, in knee jerk reaction, answered in starting what they called ‘plebiscite movement’, but as it proved it was response more of a jilted lover than one having its nucleus in conviction. The old man and his family could not resist temptation of power and fell in knees. 

Where senior Abdullah still looked for some face-savings—Baig-Parthasarthi agreement—Mufti Sayed has his snouts stuck to the trough, refusing to look up to the sky and mountains. He ran after whatever green was dangled at him. He has womb-originality in court supplication. Where NC patriarch would scramble to fig-leaves to cover his sell-out, this one from PDP was shame insulated. His political venality needed no sheaths. 

Right from the day he was enrolled in purge-conscience-contest, he concretized his loyalty to Darbar as and when roll-called. He was relentless in eviscerating entrails of what little was left of our looted dignity. He held in place the dagger stabbed in body politics of Kashmir both as interior minister of India and as chief minister of the state, more when he allied communal RSS-BJP combine. That land-row agitation of 2008 had seeds in his cabinet decision–that had in gross violation of state subject laws stealthily granted nearly one thousand kanal of forest land—shows how disrespectful and callous they are to their poll manifesto and slogans. They , as their flip-flopping and turn-abouts show, rape the very mandate they pledge to honor.

All this savage politicking, this crude blackmail of sentiments has got transmitted to their offspring in perfect Mendlian order and in true dynastic manner. The dynasts have in fact puzzled even people in Delhi who are experimenting with new bars of loyalty contests. Constrained of the space of this column, my readers will have to wait for some other days to have a full and deep appreciation of the kind of political opportunism and double-standard the young scions of Abdulla and Mufti are in pursuit of. However, one has not to gloss over the fact that whether it is Omar Abdullah or Mehbooba Mufti, they have no novelty factor around them. They cannot peg on newness of being a promising candidate. Both have been tested. In the crucible of violence inflicted on people of Kashmir, they far from helping us to pull out of the inferno played as an accomplice. I may have hundred of differences with the Governor Malik, but seeing at the theatrics played by these leaders in days of absence from power he was right when he denunciated such posturing and antics as ‘political compulsion’ of coming elections. Like a snake they can cast their slough in election days, but not their poison. They have crime of deceit and dishonesty in their genes.