Not a good Government

Not a good Government

Two months in the office, too many hopes and too much of disappointment

For PDP-BJP alliance in J&K, two months are over now, but people still ask a question.

Has anything changed till date and did the government live up to the expectations of the people. The answer is a big NO. The party was chosen for the welfare of the people, but what is happening is quite the reverse.

People voted for PDP so that change will come but the party instead of bringing any change has added to the miseries of a common man.

Not a single day goes when there are not protests in Kashmir. Kashmir has now become a land of protests. In Partap Park Srinagar, almost every day there are protests against PDP-BJP led government which has not lived up to the expectations of people. The party instead accuses the National Conference for all the ills the state is plagued with. If people voted PDP for change then why didn’t they go ahead with full force in overhauling the system in Kashmir? If people are protesting against the government it is apparently clear that they are not satisfied with what the government is doing or has done.

People now no longer protest on roads, they rather come to Srinagar and assemble in Partap Park where they think their voices are heard and carried forward. And the lame excuse of the present ruling party, is that the exchequer has been emptied by the previous government.

Government is not about accusing and alleging the previous ruling party or convening meetings, it’s about fulfilling the basic need of the people who have suffered much and changing the scenario at ground level, instantaneously.

Compared to Jammu, Kashmir is still fifty years behind in terms of progress and development. Nevertheless, until today the Chief Ministers were always sworn from Kashmir province, deputies from Jammu-as history stands eyewitness.

To whatever sector we will talk about, be it Education Department, Roads and Buildings, Health Department, Social Welfare Department, Transport, Power or for that matter Food and Supplies, people are not happy and satisfied. People voted for relief, but they are being baton charged. Our education minister Saeed Naeem Akther Andarbi is busy in surprise visits to the schools of Kashmir Valley but grievances of teachers have not been redressed. How can you reform a system where hundreds of teachers are without salaries from the last eight months. How the system of education can change when it actually needs an overhaul. A system never changes by visits with a cavalcade or harassing teachers, it rather alters with matching words with actions. After all, deeds speak louder than words.

See the roads in Kashmir. The worst roads here narrate their stories themselves. R&B department repairs these roads once and forgets them for decades. These shabby roads don’t appear roads even if one aerially views them out. They are full of ditches and are on their last legs. These roads are macadamized once in a year that too for army vehicles not for general public. As soon as it rains on these clapped-out roads they start overflowing and do appear like paddy fields than anything else.

 Health Sector, Social Welfare, Transport, Electricity – name the department which is not in a bad shape. The story is sad everywhere. 

Last but not the least is the new job policy which is sheer exploitation. Not to talk of daily wagers and casual laborers, now our qualified youth will have to work on a peanut salary and get pulverized for seven years till they will get regularized. That is humiliating. 

The present PDP-BJP government instead of convening meetings should wake up instantly to live up to the expectations of Kashmiris before things will fall apart. Keep going Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Sahib but remember we (Kashmiris) will never vote you now! 

(The author is a teacher from Dangiwacha Rafiabad).

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