Of human separation, pain & suffering

Many of us might have gone through dark times in our life. But the darkest that history witnessed was the night of partition and the creation of two independent countries from a single territory.  Although this naïve person hasn’t witnessed any account of partition, but a few days back while I was going through latest map of India, studying its neighbors, oceans around, what I comprehended that there is not any natural disconnection, division in between these two countries of Asia. They are still one when they represent a continent –Asia.

We all know that after the partition of India about 8 million people had come to India from Pakistan. The partition even caused the division of lunatics, Muslims in the asylum of India were deported to Pakistan and Hindus and Sikhs in the asylum of Pakistan deported to India.

Partition might have rendered many homeless, many jobless, detached many families and much more which only the affected people might have suffered. But the thing that still continues to haunt after partition is the hatred of people of these two countries towards each other. I ordinarily don’t watch movies, but watching the movie “Bharat” made me sentimental. There might be millions of untold, unheard stories like this.

As per religious aspect, nature has never allocated individuals uniformly on earth. People are unevenly, unequally located, that is what manifests; we are first humans then Muslims or Hindus. We were born to be interdependent. We can bear the wild dogs surround us but can’t bear the people like us, humans around us.

One can see after effects of partition. The partitionists never cared about the conflicts after partition, the politicians, the government of both countries in their rivalry never have been able to count the after ceasefire deaths. See the peoples’ misery, their helplessness, their streaming eyes, their concern, their loss, and the peace which they have been craving for decades. Even after partition India and Pakistan created the history of three wars against each other. These disputes are like never ending. There is always a kind of tension prevailing in peoples’ mind about another war!!

I sometimes think, if there would have been no partition, there could have been no dispute, no cease fire violations, and yes, not even those three wars that caused countless destruction and grave loss of lives…….from the decades we have achieved nothing from this hatred and agony but lost many precious  lives like ours.

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