One world, one population

Greater Kashmir

How much we divide the human population into races, religions, and nationalities, we are forced by the events to think of ourselves as one human family. Similarly how much the nation-states dig lines deep into the earth to create water tight compartments, there are times when we feel that these lines are a curse to humanity. The pandemic that hit us a year before and its second wave now rearing its head so frighteningly, has made it clear that we cannot fight it individually at the level of countries. It has to be a collective fight and all the world has to participate in it with equal degree of urgency. Yesterday it was one country, or a pack of countries, having the most of cases. Today, we have a different country, or a handful of countries, in the eye of the storm. Tomorrow, it might shift to some other countries. If we think and act in pieces, this virus is going to take more lives. At this juncture all the countries on this globe need to  transcend beyond  national boundaries and help each other. By helping each other we can check the spread of this virus more quickly, and more efficiently. In the initial days of this pandemic, unfortunately, we found a divisive global leadership entering a blame-game. That did its part of damage. Later, as we started to realise that it is no point blaming each other at his juncture we started making headways to contain this pandemic. Now that different countries have manufactured vaccines, we need them all to collaborate and ensure that all the countries, rich and poor alike, get this vaccine. Unless a global offensive is mounted against this pandemic we cannot be out of this crisis soon. This is the time the global leadership is made to realise that their sphere of responsibility is not just the territory of their respective countries but the entire globe. After all this virus doesn’t know who is a Chinese and who comes form the United States. It doesn’t make a difference between a Indian and a West Indian, between an Arab and a Russian. It is a universal threat, and it calls for a universal response.