Parenting in the times of Pandemic

Our joy knew no bounds the moment it was announced that this year the academic session would be started much before the schedule from 24th Feb 20. After spending tortuous time of 7 months at home, our children were suffering emotionally, and experiencing a social ache. It was the hardest thing to endure.They were thrust into extremely difficult situation. Now they had a  reason to be excited which was palpable.They wished to be back again with their friends. My daughter was also flying above the skies. We brought her favorite school stuff. She was very excited to meet her friends and teachers whom she missed a lot. In the proceeding night she couldn’t sleep and woke up frequently just to check and confirm the school timings. In Kashmir, like other children of conflict, she always prays for the return of normalcy. We kept our fingers crossed. There was hoping against hope. When schools reopened, both teachers and students put extra effort to get back on the track. Almost for a week, everything went very well. As usual, our happiness was short lived and a pall of gloom descended on us when another calamity struck. This time it was Covid – 19. It snowballed so fast that everything came to a grinding halt.

It didn’t come as a surprise to our children as they are familiar with the shutdowns and now officially announced lockdowns don’t make much difference to them. They are hardly frightened about the Pandemic as they know how to cope up with the tough times. All these years, children of the valley have been drastically affected, but parents have never given up. Since last 10 months in Kashmir Valley, students have been deprived of the formal education. Now Covid -19 has changed everything and a lot of responsibilities have fallen on the shoulders of parents. Almost in every household Pandemic has become the reason for anxiety and aggression among parents and children. It is not an easy task to handle the situation. It takes a lot of patience to calm the children.

Educational institutions play a major role in the upbringing of children. The way teachers engage them in different activities couldn’t be replaced by any virtual learning. We cannot compare or justify their role by vesting the responsibilities on others. At schools, students learn and chase their dreams. We can nowhere find such competitive and compassionate atmosphere. Teachers know when to be tough or tender. They know their Job very well. It is not easy task to take over their roles and responsibilities. We can attempt but can never replace them. Covid-19 has not only exposed us to the life threatening virus but also changed the parental responsibilities. We have to take on multiple roles. The lockdown gave us an opportunity to understand what it takes to be a teacher, tutor or a friend to our children. It takes a lot of effort and energy to fit into new roles. Nevertheless we must admit that ,lockdown period has given us ample time and opportunity to develop a strong bond with our children.

Sharing Family Responsibilities

Usually the ladies of the house do the chore. These lockdowns have been the toughest period for all of us. It was altogether a daunting task to keep the bits and pieces together. It is taking a heavy toll on our mental health. We are vulnerable and to remain sane is not an easy task. Many of us have been supporting women folk in performing different activities related to the welfare of the family. They deserve it. From cleaning to cooking, many men are doing their bit, so that things can be balanced. It is a positive thing that whole burden is not put on the shoulders of female. They need to enjoy their own time and space. This kind gesture can help them to focus on their health and cater to the requirements of the children properly.

Enjoying Family Time
                We are in isolation. Our children are without their friends. To keep things going it is very important to cherish our family time. We have to be their best buddies. Enjoying little joys of life has its own importance to make it rememberable and remarkable. The family which enjoys together stays together. It can be playing together, watching Doreman, listening to music, setting the table and enjoying the delicious meals together. All this is going to serve as spotlight memories. We share a very special bond with our children. We should always value their presence. They mean world to us. Without them, we are incomplete and incompetent to face the tumultuous times.

Teaching Guidance
                We used to be extremely busy and exhausted with our work. We couldn’t find a time to know what our children are up to. We didn’t have an idea whether our children are in safe hands or not. Our interaction with the teachers used to be bare minimum. Since the day Zoom online classes were initiated, we are getting to know the level of teachers in a much better way. It has also given opportunity to many of us to assist our children in their school assignments. We are trying our best to help them. It is giving us a chance to know the intellect and interests of our children. Seriously, we are on the job. The more we interact with our kids, the stronger bond we can develop with them.

Developing Patience
                Sibling squabbles is common in every family. Lockdown period has not been easy for many parents. It is giving them nightmares due to unsettled sibling disputes. There lies an opportunity in every adverse situation. The lockdown period can be an opportunity for us to settle things straight for our the kids, amicably. We can develop patience to bear their tantrums. Our children are the reflection of our behavior. The way we react will determine their future behavior as well. The more we can try to stay calm and patient, the more we can groom them into the civilized and cultured humans beings.So the onus is on us how we react which can either develop or destroy their facilities.Patience is the one of the main life skill and  key to deal with our kids smartly and strategically.If we can keep it cool with our kids, we can be patient with others as well. Those who don’t have it,can never tame their behavior. Patience is not only power but main ingredient to lead a positive and peaceful life.

Developing Personal Hygiene And Personality
                To stay safe from the covid spread, emphasis on the personal hygiene has been the main concern for the safety of our children. Due to covid-19 we have become very health conscious. We ensure that our children are following the health advisory guidelines so as to stay proactive and protected. Inculcating good habits are the main ingredients to groom them into pleasing personality.

Planning a workout
                Covid – 19 is taking a heavy toll on us both physically and psychologically. We are badly stuck which has become the reason for obesity and mental distress among children.We have to gear up to remain active. We have to stay strong and steadfast in these testing times. Doing aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, playing games with our children will not only ease off mental stress but can be also fun filled and motivating endeavor with them.It can be worth trying activity if we want to stay in our best shape and spirits.

Pursuing the Passions
Staying sane in Pandemic times has been a challenge for all of us. For children it’s even tougher. Everyone is trying to find out avenues to utilize their time properly. Once we try to engage our children in creative pursuits, it becomes quite easy to go through the hard times. Our support and appreciation can bring out the best out of them. Once we help them to find their creative side like writing,singing,painting,photography,designing,they can get along with us very nicely.Pursuing their Passions can help them to allay their anxieties and get out of the boredom.Creativity will make them feel Extra special and elevated in any situation.


                The way we react can make the situation pleasant or painful for our children. We have been blessed to have overcome the hurdles this far. We have put everything at stake for their well-being.We are taking every precautionary measure to ensure they remain safe. We are entertaining and educating them by our humble ways and means so that they can cope up the Pandemic stress and savor the testing times. But is this our only responsibility, that we strive for? How about those orphans who have no one to look after. Isn’t it our moral obligation to take care of our fellow beings who have lost their livelihood. They cannot afford or arrange even one time meal for their family. Can they be obsessed with the parental responsibilities when their survival is at the  stake.The need of the hour is to take them along through the turbulent times. It’s our moral obligation to help them with the basic needs, So that they don’t  feel being left and lost.

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