PDP condemns notice to GK

PDP condemns notice to GK

Srinagar, October 5: People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has strongly condemned the legal notice served to Greater Kashmir by the State Government. 

In a statement here party chief spokesperson Naeem Akhtar said the issuance of the notice was a desperate attempt by a dysfunctional state government to establish its authority in wake of its staggeringly dismal response to the recent floods. This latest misdemeanour of a government that has already thrown in the proverbial towel seems to be a vindictive ploy against the local press, an institution which against all odds has relentlessly highlighted the real miseries of flood hit state and its capital city and the corresponding apathy and inaptitude of the State Government.

Akhtar said that by the time the State Government resurrected from the dead, the local press had already been filling in the void that the sickly government had left. For that interim period, the press institutions and the local volunteers were the de facto government, taking the lead in relief, rescue and rehabilitation. While the State Government continues its disappearance act on the ground, the only byproducts of the Chief Minister’s brain storming sessions have been two fold: First the ludicrous blockade of the aid from all over the country and the world and second, now serving notices on newspapers that have held their ground and sought accountability from the State and its inept representatives. The State Government seems to be assaulting the rights of the press that the constitution of this country has conferred upon the latter. This only reflects the inferiority complex that the Government is suffering from on account of having failed the skills of relief and rescue from the media and Kashmir brave hearts.

The PDP spokesperson highlighted the extraordinary role that Greater Kashmir and other institutions of press had played in this calamity, notwithstanding the fact the offices and news rooms of most press establishments were submerged. Akhtar stated that the State Government by committing this act has only questioned the credibility of an institution that has helped shape the political discourse and documented the tragedies of Kashmir including the current crisis.

Akhtar, on behalf of PDP demanded an immediate annulment of this mockery and also summed up his sentiment by quoting a famous adage that the State Government has stooped to such a level of administrative bankruptcy that their only retribution could be "chulloo bhar paani main doob marna", of which there is no dearth, if only the Government stepped out on the streets. 

He said their could be no charge funnier than accusing someone to discredit the state government or causing disaffection against it when the present government has itself achieved it in ample measure. By trying to muzzle GK the paralysed Omar Abdullah government instead of displaying signs of life only adds to its disgrace, Akhtar added.