Politicians must know their job well

Greater Kashmir

In democracy, it is neither possible nor necessary for people to govern directly. The most common form of democracy in our times is for the people to govern through their representatives, call them politicians.  These politicians lead in this age of technology and development. Democracy is not about people electing their rules but have to follow some rules and procedures. They have to work with and without the frame work of institutions. As we know that the government works in a country, states or local bodies for social, economic environment and political aspects. Governing a country involves various activities such as ensuring security to the citizen and providing facilities for education and health. It collects tax and spends the money thus raised on administration, defence and development programmes. It formulates and implements several welfare schemes for development and wellbeing. But some persons have to take decision on how to go about these activities, other have to implement these decisions. It is important that everyone should know who is responsible for doing what. It is also important that these activities keep in taking place even if the position is key position change.

Here it is to mention that the responsible person in a society or region means political executive and permanent executive. Those elected by people for specific period called the political executive or politicians. The politicians are also called political executive and have more power than the non- political executive.  In terms of reality the permanent and political executive should be honest, free from any evils, work for the people, by the people and of the people. Further political executive to be accountable, role model in the society and free from corruption in a particular region for development process and wellbeing of the people. Among the politicians one can become head of the country, and assume other important positions which directly deal with planning and policy formulation. The one application of planning and policy formulation is to have literacy of statistics or statistical literacy for local area development. The planning and policy formulation persons, experts, researchers, administrators and politicians should be having somehow knowledge of figures for need action with trust and faith.

Politicians play an important role for development and wellbeing of the people at local area development. There are so many schemes and programmes of government and non-government organisation where local area development required trustworthy administrators and politicians for better implementation. The politicians have a leadership role; to lead the society in such a way that change the environment of different matters through his knowledge, behaviour and characters. It means that knowledge, behaviour and character have direct link with persons of politicians. There are different types of politicians in a society that all are not well in terms of knowledge, behaviour and character. It has been seen that politicians are different in terms of walk and talk. Today in the age of technology, politician has a crucial role in achieving sustainable goals.

Here I want to mention that there are 17 sustainable development goals of United Nations for all nations with the aim to end poverty, to achieve quality education and good health by 2030. There is an emphasis to achieve zero hunger by 2030 with existing programmes and schemes, also to improve gender equality, to get clean water and sanitation; affordable and clean energy, development work and economic growth, industries, innovation and infrastructure, reduced inequality, sustainable cities and communication, responsible consumption and production , climate change, life in water, life on land,  peace justice and strong institution. All UN member countries with strong institutions try to achieve sustainable developments goals. The strong institution means here government for the people, of the people and by the people. The strong institution depends upon the politicians which come through electoral processes. In a democracy, politicians are powerful persons in the society.

If any politician of any group, any cast, creed or society has electoral win and becomes a representative, he  becomes the head of that area he must have knowledge of the area as that is required for development. Here some politicians disappoint. This may happen due to lack of knowledge. The politician first must have knowledge of the area and capacity for the development and well-being of the population that can be done through various schemes and programmes of government and non-government organisations. The programme and planning can be implemented rightly at right place and at right time to achieve success. It has been observed in the field and shows the ability of politician of that area. I have personally interacted with many politicians on many occasions, and observed that the implementation lags behind due to their capacity. The knowledge, and information about statistics is urgently need for politicians. The main reason for an unsuccessful politician is lack of information and statistical literacy.

As we know that statistical literacy is a term used to describe the ability of a person or a group to understand statistics. Statistical literacy is the ability to understand and critically evaluate statistical results that permeate our daily lives coupled with the ability to appreciate the contribution that statistical thinking can make in public and private, professional and personal decisions.

As we know that statistics or data is the measure of indicators for the progress of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and are the bases for quality and for measuring country’s performance. This showed the importance of the literacy of statistics nowadays at every national and international forum . There are a lot of debates, workshops, seminars and conferences regarding how to develop the real statistics for development, growth and wellbeing through politicians. The development of statistics also depends upon the statistical system of the country.

In European countries, the politicians are able to work in terms of statistical literacy for development and wellbeing. The statistical literacy of politicians in Netherlands is the reason for strong institutions. There, the politicians work for future not for present.

It is to mention here that every politician should work with information and knowledge, otherwise in the field of local area development he will lose faith. It has been seen that some conflicts, disturbance and less development is due to politicians which is to be considered.

It has seen that good politicians are those who have advance knowledge of area and other information along with statistical figures. It has also been seen that those politicians who have somehow knowledge of statistical literacy of schemes and programme, are the most powerful politician in the field for implementation.

Altaf Hussain Haji (ISS) is Director, National Statistical Office (NSO), Ministry of Statistic and PI, Regional office, Srinagar