Preparing for JK Bank RE Interview

Preparing for JK Bank RE Interview

Keep these points in mind as you prepare for the interview

The post of Relationship Executive is equivalent to Scale I Officer of any Nationalised Bank barring from the salary and extra salary benefits which are going to be tighter for the first couple of years in JKB. This post has been created by JK Bank so as to employ the youth of the state on a modified set of terms and conditions. The post is a kick start to one’s career in banking and financial services. Here’re some tips as you prepare for the interview of the said post, the results of the written test of which have been declared recently.


1) Prepare a good ‘Introduction’: The first component of almost all interviews is an Introduction of the interviewee. Prepare a brief and an honest introductory draft comprising your name, address, qualifications and work experience, if any.


2) Revise the contents of your Degree and Projects/Research: It’s quite likely that once you introduce your qualifications, the interviewers may ask you questions pertaining to your Degree and the Research Projects/Dissertations you carried out during your studies. Therefore, revise the contents that you studied in your college or university and revise the Research projects associated with your degree course.


3) Know your Employer and the prospective Job: Before you appear for the interview, make a detailed research about the organisation, its working, its operations, products, number of branches, govt. stake, BODs (Board of Directors), etc. Similarly, acquire knowledge regarding the NPA percentage of JK Bank and the profits shown by it for the last few Financial Years. Similarly, know the job you are going to be interviewed for. You must be aware of the roles and responsibilities associated with the post of an RE. Therefore, it would be good if you ask an RE who is already working, about the roles, responsibilities and tasks associated with the job. After that, try to think about suggestions to improve your working at the job.


4) Understand the basic Banking Terminology: It is quite likely that you will be asked about some basic banking concepts like Assets and Liabilities, Bank Rates, CRR, SLR, GST and the like. In the same way, questions on the Indian Banking system may be asked in which questions about the apex Bank RBI and other big nationalised banks like SBI, PNB, Canara Bank, etc may also be put forth. Those coming from educational backgrounds like Commerce, Economics, Management and the like are more likely to be asked the questions in detail.


5) Understand the current hot Financial/Banking Topics: The year 2015, since the inception of Modi government, has seen a number of financial schemes and initiatives. Some of such schemes are PMJDY, Gold Monetisation, APY, Insurance security schemes, etc. All these schemes have been implemented to widen the scope of Financial Inclusion (extending banking services to the poor and those who have not yet come into the Banking Stream) and popularise the same. Read about all these schemes since it is quite likely that questions about these schemes may be asked.


6) Read one Local and one National Newspaper’s Business page daily: An awareness of the current happenings in the world of Business, Economics, Finance and Banking forms an important part of one’s preparation. Read the Front page and the Business Page of at least one Local and one National Newspaper. Reading the Business Newspaper ‘Economic Times’ daily will be an added advantage. While reading the Business Page, you will come across some unknown Terms and Concepts. Look them up in a dictionary or understand them from the internet. 



Postscript: Once you read about all these things and are prepared for the interview, go to the interview with confidence. Dress up formally; maintain an eye contact; stay calm and comfortable. If you do not know an answer, express your inability to answer rather than giving wayward answers. Boys should come with a nice haircut and a trimmed beard or a clean shave and girls should avoid fast coloured dresses and too much makeup. Those who do not have good communication skills should try to carry out mock interviews and try to gain skills and confidence till the interview dates arrive.

All the best!


(ABRAR UL MUSTAFA is a Officer Scale I in a leading PSU Bank)