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Selective condemnations have diluted the significance of condemnations

Er Rashid
Srinagar, Publish Date: Oct 20 2017 10:34PM | Updated Date: Oct 20 2017 10:34PM
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The scuffle between militants and the family of Sarpanch in Shopian left many shocked for more than one reason, and the incident triggered a serious debate everywhere. Though condemnations yield nothing in the places of uncertainty but it doesn’t snatch the necessity and the right to condemn loss of precious lives. However, in Kashmir the selective condemnations have diluted the significance of condemnations and their impact. While the family of deceased Sarpanch had every right to defend themselves under all circumstances, but those, especially the govt. agencies and the mainstream politicians, who are trying to use the tragic incident as a strong argument against militants have very little to prove their own sincerity. Not only pro-Indian politicians but the separatists also sail in the same boat over these killings. Since in the past mainstream parties kept complete silence over the killings of pro-resistance political activists and their sympathizers at the hands of security forces, as such they lose the moral right to condemn murder of the Sarpanch or any such other incident. In the past stalwarts from separatist camp have not only kept complete silence over killing of mainstream activists but in the initial phase of ongoing uprising they even tried to justify the actions by militants.

It was strange that pro resistance leaders would appeal people to restrain from receiving ex-gratia and Govt. compensation in the cases where someone would get killed at the hands of Govt. forces. Similarly while top brass of police, army and other agencies are free to condemn the killings of innocent civilians and cops at the hands of militants but once they attack their families and relatives or ransack their properties they lose moral right to condemn actions of militants.

While security forces are duty bound to protect the life and property of every citizen irrespective of political or religious affiliation, militants claiming to be fighting for resolution of Kashmir  dispute are morally bound to show maximum restrain and need not to do anything that would raise fingers at their intentions and designs. It is proper time for all the stake holders to introspect and understand that nothing is permanent in J&K since last 30 years and nobody has been able to maintain its permanent writ on the ground. The killing have not helped any of the parties but have proved counterproductive in all cases.

The militants after being killed have earned more respect among masses than when being alive. Similarly the killings of alleged anti-movement people has created more enemies for resistance movement. The political issue always needs a political resolution and violence will take the stake holders nowhere. Not only separatists but mainstream politicians and security agencies also need to accept the basic fact that killing anyone for political gains is uncivilized and unacceptable. If setting ablaze the house of slain sarpanch deserves condemnation, ransacking the properties of militant families is equally condemnable.

All the stake holders need to understand the worth of people’s power. Neither separatists need to forget when people ignore their boycott calls and vote in huge numbers, nor should the state forget when people make life of elected public representatives and other mainstream politicians a hell and go totally against the system, as happen in 2008, 2010 and 2016. Kashmiris, as a society, should realize the sufferings and pain of the thousands of widows and orphans and must understand that anyone facilitating killings can never be well wisher of Kashmiris. The state police rather than celebrating deaths of militants should realize the difference between a law and order problem and a political movement supported with armed outfits.

The atrocities of forces create more militants and it ends up with more violence, thus reducing the scope of reconciliation of any kind. Let people draw interpretations of their choice but the pain of family of Mohammad Ramzan Sheikh, the deceased Sarpanch and that of Showkat Ahmad Kumar, the militant killed  in the scuffle, can only be felt better by their families; for them they were neither pro-Indian nor anti-Indian, but innocents, and their beloved ones who fell to the brutal circumstances.          


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