Ramadhan – The Blessed Month
A Kashmiri Muslim man touches the chains to seek blessings at a shrine in Srinagar on the 11th day of Ramadhan. Mubashir Khan/GK

Ramadhan – The Blessed Month

This Ramadhan is certainly less festive, amid the present uncertainty

The Holy Quran was revealed in this blessed month of Ramadhan. The Holy Quran prescribes fasting in this month for all Muslims. So Muslims fast as an act of worship – purify their souls and become more compassionate towards those who are in need by giving charity. Besides, it is also seen as a way to learn patience, self-sacrifice, break bad habits and thoughts.

Different cultures across the globe have different traditions during Ramadhan. Whether it is a special food they cook, or have iftar with their family and friends. However, this Ramadhan is certainly less festive, amid the present uncertainty of chaos. So this Ramadhan is uniquely special and divinely inspired. This Ramadhan we must remember that there is a section of people in our community that is living hand to mouth, and are presently in a state of distress. So it provides us an opportunity to give more than calculated charitable donations to those who are in need, to gain the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

There are two main messages enshrined in the philosophy of this blissful month. First, the worship of Allah and second, the realization of pain and sorrow of others. So it is time for people to do charity.

We are all familiar with this fact that the valley is going through turbulent times. The prevailing gloomy situation is a major concern. However, this gracious month of Ramadhan provides an opportunity to overcome this situation, by asking Allah (SWT) for his mercy and forgiveness. We should discover the sweet side of Ramadhan by sharing the burden of your loved ones. To forgive is the biggest and beautiful form of love. Thinking of others before ourselves is a worship. A little deed surely goes a long way.

In these times, just share a message of kindness, and positivity. Let us put aside all our differences with nears and dears. Ramadhan is the month of good deeds. In these present circumstances if there is a will to do good, we will definitely find a way to do good. No matter how difficult the path gets, Almighty Allah always shows the right way to everyone. Pure deeds can never go unseen, nor can hands-full of generosity ever stop giving.

Children learn by watching their parents do. When their elders celebrate and share the spirit of goodness with those who are in need, children get inspired. This Ramadhan may encourage your kids to help others. Just only we have to do something special for people in need. If we collect every ounce of our goodness and make it into a treasure of blessings, angels will descend and turn our world into celebration.

Ramadhan spreads the message of love and harmony. The month of Ramadhan is a highly spiritual moment, with a sense of fulfillment and moral accomplishment and a divine blessing. It is a month of worship, reflection, sacrifice, charity, joy and contemplation. The significance of this month is purely spiritual which brings happiness.

In this month let us spread kindness and empathy all around. Celebrate and enjoy this holy moment of spirituality, as we have been given a chance to repent and ask for forgiveness for our sins. We should celebrate the true spirit of Ramadhan with a healthy mindset.

This year Ramadhan is somewhat dissimilar from past years, but then it is the month of blessing. Let us forget about the differences, forge unity and ask Allah for his mercy and jointly observe this blissful month with religious fervour, especially with those who have suffered. Let all our choices be filled with love. Let the downpour of blessings forever be bestowed on us.

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