Reflections | On Dal

Pollution is turning the famous Dal Lake in Kashmir into a weed-clogged swamp despite years of conservation efforts. Mubashir Khan/GK

Dear Editor,

This is in reference to the article by Er. SRS Madni on Dal Lake published in Greater Kashmir.

Dal Lake is “Pride of Kashmir”  and most important for tourism. It is the responsibility of the citizens of Srinagar to maintain it. Local prominent citizens, businessmen, boat owners,  philanthropists, Lions Club and Rotarians should jointly put in their wholehearted efforts in co-operation with Tourism Department, and the Municipal Administration, to keep the lake clean.  Funding should be arranged by the State & Central Governments, and maintenance should be under strict supervision of a local committee with accountability mechanism in place.

Manual or mechanical deweeding should be done at regular intervals.  Inlet channels with sewage should be diverted to STPs.  STPs take long time to be in  place and almost all the STPs managed by Governments / local bodies are either defunct or defective.

Anyway, till STPs are ready and with a view to get immediate results, BIOSHUDH can be of help.

BIOSHUDH is a unique, eco-friendly and user-friendly product which arrests odor and treats sewage without STP, electricity or mechanical aeration.  All houseboats can use Bioshudh and all houses in  the vicinity of the lake area should be motivated to use Bioshudh on daily basis.  Free supply of  Bioshudh can be arranged by local NGOs.  Bioshudh dilution should be added by drip system  to the inlet canals which let  waste water into the lake; this, to ensure that the sewage getting into the lake is purified. Bioshudh will improve dissolved oxygen level in lake water much to the comfort and well being of aquatic life. It’s non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-allergic and non-corrosive.  It will be of help if the programme can be sponsored by any business conglomerate under their CSR budget.

V K Raman

56, 2nd Main Road,

Krishnamachari Nagar,P.O. Porur, Chennai 600 116