REFLECTIONS: Single story

REFLECTIONS: Single story

Apropos Zahir-ud-Din’s article "Three Graves, Single Story" (Greater Kashmir 9/2/19).

I hail the efforts of author to enlighten the masses about the role  of the people of Kashmir who tried their best to wake up the conscience of the high command sitting in Delhi from time to time to realize the aspirations of the people but in the bargain lost their life and bore all troubles. 

In the meantime some prisoners of conscience got executed for their no fault to be the martyrs in the eyes of their own people. Their graves have a message for the mankind for all times to come. 

To return their mortal remains is an attack upon the honour of their  graves. Their mortal remains need not to be disturbed to sustain their honour, respect and dignity. 

Though people upon the land are disintegrated, but people of the grave are in a total harmony. There is no need to launch a campaign for return of Chak’s remains who was betrayed by Akbar in 1586 and since then the sigh of relief for the people of Kashmir stand stopped. 

The need of the hour is to introspect oneself and serve the others cordially to sustain peace and security 

Professor and Head Department of Chemistry  Bemina, College, Srinagar