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......... and teach him to respect the sentiment and the faith of Muslims

Dr Syed Muhammad Fazlullah, IAS
Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 13 2018 10:40PM | Updated Date: Dec 13 2018 10:40PM
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Our memory is not so short. He said it recently; Asaduddin Owaisi, MP replied him publicly as having a record of leaving his tongue unreigned and cried hoarse so many times against Islam, Muslims and even their dead. He has used his stenching mouth many a time against the tenets of this exalted faith. 

Once when he, Yogi Adityanath, started his innings in politics as a Member of Parliament (MP) his venom spread. His comment about Muslim women is atrocious and highly condemnable. However, the noble community did not retaliate in the same coin. These wounds are still fresh, they had to listen from him: " Tum apne Ali ko Rakho Hamare liye Bajrangbali Kafi hai". Normally it could have stirred the hornet's nest and brought in such a wrath that would engulf the entire community. Is it silent on the logical thinking or it is lull before the storm? 

We are yet choked that many pseudo-politicians, Muslim organizations and all other wise men of rhetoric remained mute. Mr. Owaisi raised his voice from Hyderabad and made us wiser that the scathing attack was on Ali (AS) the glorious caliph of Islam. He elaborated that the constitution of India, upon which he swore while entering the office, was torn to shreds by Yogi, which allows us to adopt a faith and safeguard it.

His heart’s  love for Ali made him raise the slogan “Naraey Haderi, Ya Ali”. It was heartwarming indeed. But we owe a debt to Hazrat Ali Murtaza (AS) who delivered the mankind from the shackles of ignorance, subjugation, slavery, intimidation, tyranny..and so many forms of diabolical hegemony. 

Ali is the faith of 1.8 billion  Muslims all over the world. He is the cynosure of their eyes and Muhammad (SAW) being the city of knowledge and He its gate. He is such a gallant warrior and field marshal in the battle ground that he tredds  down the satanic head and decimates it. He fights for human values and victory kisses his feet.

Ali is the voice of the court of the human conscience. He fought for a cause and abluted the earth from the tyrant stooges of Satan. He is a highest quiz of the human brain. The greatest scientist, Albert Einstein, after having glancing through his ‘Najhul Balagah' said: “Either Ali has created this universe or he has been on the side of creator”.

Any counterfeit fifty eighth Chief Minister can’t contempt him. He has to rein in his tongue from sacrilege and blasphemy towards Ali. Let this fake CM endear Bajrangbali  by all means, but let him rinse his mouth before uttering the name of magnificent creature, Ali.

Ali is not a political doyen of some sect that another sect has a license to subdue him. He cannot compare an effigy in a wanton way. The lovers and followers of Ali (AS) call for a consensus to condemn the impious remark of Yogi. Let the law and constitution of land respect the exalted majesty of Ali from the unguided language, mouth, hand of entire human frame. Let truth prevail and find a course of sanity to enshrine the names, existence and immeasurable glory and height of pillars who are beacon light to lead humanity to destination in the ocean of gloom. Our  salutations to the majesty to the Hazrat Ali (AS).    

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