Renewed hope for better environment

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Covid-19 has impacted almost every field of life badly. It has compelled countries to go for lockdown, thus affecting everything around us. Now is the other side. All industries have stopped manufacturing finished goods leading to decrease in the pollution levels throughout the globe. Not only this, waste material produced by these factories and industries adding to the pollution level has declined to a large extent. It is being said that Covid-19 has given a new hope to environmentalists for a sustained and long lasting environment. Environmentalists are of the opinion that earth needed some rest as far as emission of harmful and Carbon dioxide gases are concerned. If we look at Covid-19 figures we find that high income countries have been more affected than low income countries, the reason probably is great flow of people and goods from one country to another and these countries have never been in a mood for any lockdown.

There is a clear North-South divide as far as confirmed cases of covid-19 are concerned. The most advanced countries hit by Covid-19 include China, France, USA, UK, Italy etc. All these countries are involved in heavy manufacturing of goods, thus considered as high percentage carbon dioxide emitters. The present lockdown has definitely given a time to rethink about globalization which has given leverage to high income countries to emit as much carbon as they can. The enormous decrease in Carbon dioxide gases due to lockdown has not only decreased the level of air pollution but also decreased the level of oceanic pollution which is considered as important Oxygen bank due to phytoplanktons. The decrease in overall pollution level due to global lockdown has given a ray of hope to environmentalists to stress upon UN for sustained Global environmental policy. Not only this, the surveys conducted from time to time suggesting scarcity of resources after 50 years need to be revisited and new statistics on resources be formulated. This lockdown has given a new chance to mother Earth to regain its lost glory. Although concrete studies have not come forth till now about the total impact of lockdown on our environment, but it is obvious that it has put a positive impact on it which the environmentalists need to carry on further and explore ways and means of its sustenance. World bodies like UNO must come forward to devise a new climate change policy. Land degradation, soil erosion has stopped to a large extent leading world to a sustainable development. Personal hygiene, clean surroundings can together add up to clean environment globally. Going green and converting barren lands into arable lands can have a global positive effect on environment.

Resources were exploited in an unjustified manner, Covid-19 lockdown has made humans value resources. Fuel consumption in vehicles decreased too much leading to less emission of Carbon monoxide which has consequently healed ozone layer to a large extent

Thus we can say that Covid-19 has left a lesson for world bodies to ponder upon combat mechanisms and devise strategies to chart out proposal for setting up industries in a proportional and sustained manner, keeping in view the topography of a particular geographic entity. Too much intervention of humans needs to be curtailed as the reliable source of Covid-19 has been ascribed to the Chinese wet market wherein lot of submarine species including bats are being served as dishes.

The author is students representative at Govt. College Of Education Sgr.