Respect your woman

Almighty has endowed woman with most of the attributes and etiquettes. One of the virtues she inherits is that if given the chance to prove her abilities without being bullied or coerced, she goes to any extent to make her household a heaven and her community an extended family.

Woman is a born leader and an economist. She does not need books or degrees to prove her worth. Her capacity of leading, budgeting, buying and selling skills are unmatched by the best economists of the world. However, instead of honing her skills, there has been an attempt to discourage and disparage her outside and inside home. In this endeavour, ‘contractors of religion’ have always been such advocates who exploit faith according to their own suitability. These ‘hordes of contractors’ are not in one particular religion, they are pervasive in every belief and sect.

How can a woman, who is the best at running her household, fail to run her country, nation or office? I dare to ask this question to self-styled vigilantes who are adamant to undermine the immense potential of the other half of the population of the world. Those who are the home makers can never be nation breakers, especially at a time when the country or the nation has been overburdened with a calamity like covid19.  Her way of understanding, planning and strategising the priorities has outsmarted many of her male counterparts in the past and many such examples are being witnessed during this pandemic.

The whole world is battling with the corona virus at the moment. Those countries where women are the heads of the government, have not only controlled it from spreading or have minimised the mortality rate, but have been sending aid and medicine to other developed countries of the world. The mention of this will hardly be felt on media channels or other news outlets. You may argue that the world has moved forward in its approach towards women but believe me, it has not reached the extent that it will show magnanimity to praise women rulers or their capacities. Then, the question is why bother about the importance of half the population when the world has no respite from the problems created by male rulers who have kept their media entangled into war mongering, ultra nationalism and lynching minorities and immigrants.

At the start of the Covid19 pandemic, German Chancellor Angela Merkel launched such a vigorous campaign for test and tracking the virus that her close neighbours still feel ashamed to copy her.  This is true with those developed countries where media shouts day and night for the demand of equal rights for women but its leaders are suffering from inherent prejudice towards their opposite sex. Merkel’s way of dealing with pandemic has saved lives and livelihood of many which has become impossible in other countries where testing the patients is still in shambles even after thousands of deaths, billions of dollars of business loss and millions of job losses.  Britain has more than forty thousand deaths and business has flattened like a burst tyre.

Whether the man is from the West or the East, Arab or a non-Arab, there is not much difference in their thinking so far as women are concerned. They have the same approach.  There even seems to be no difference between men of the rich and poor countries. Patriarchy is in their DNA which can only change if gene transformation becomes possible in near future.

Why was Adam punished to leave heaven? This matter has been put into Eve’s account from time immemorial. And, people from all faiths were made to believe it.

The woman has become a tool of exploitation since the advent of mankind despite getting some opportunities to show her worth. However, the woman of the East has yet to go through the cruel stages of exploitation that the Western woman has been forced to go through, who has now reached a point where she is on the brink of losing her home, family and the comforts of relationship.

There are many hidden stories of the Eastern women too that are forbidden to talk about. This is a very sensitive topic that has never become focus of the society. What you see on the surface is not always that is underneath. And, what is kept behind the scene is sometimes very ugly as well. As the well-known author Oscar Wilde puts it, “From a distance the grass looks always green and lush, but when we get closer and sit on the grass, the wetness of the grass makes us aware of its uglier side.”

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern saved her people from the scourge of corona virus with her intellect and proper strategy. She shared her wisdom and talent with other countries.  Also, look at the tragedy when a terrorist killed Muslim worshippers in a mosque a few years ago. Demonstrating tolerance, resilience and courage, she not only reassured Muslims with a sense of security, but also exposed those male rulers who claim to be ruling the largest democracies but kill innocent children and civilians under the guise of terrorism.

Taiwan, Iceland, Finland, Norway or Denmark have shown the world that their female rulers have made such a huge impression on their society that they are changing the destinies of their nation by political wisdom and astuteness.

A few days ago, I read a news about Syeda Marzia Zahra of Pakistan Railways, that the male employees had objected against her being promoted to manage the organisation and that the appointment order had to be withdrawn within a few hours. Obviously, the national media of Pakistan did not take much notice of this news, and how could they? Why give much importance to the promotion or demotion of an ordinary woman?  It has no relevance to the society where man is considered more powerful……

Who would dare to forget those edicts or fatwas which were issued when Benazir Bhutto became Prime Minister of the Islamic republic. That was itself a big earthquake in the patriarchal country.

Marzia’s news reminded me of Benazir Bhutto’s words when I met her in Islamabad office in 1995 for an interview as the Head of the State. She was having a meeting with the leaders of opposition parties including members of her cabinet. During the interview, I asked her if the politicians who were all men really considered her their ruler from the core of their heart.

A smirk appeared on Benazir’s face. She looked out of the window as if trying to find answer for my question. She said, “Time is a cruel thing that makes man do everything. I am not afraid of whether the politicians of the country consider me the ruler or not. I am afraid when I sit in a meeting and try to read their faces; I see the prejudice on some wrinkled faces. This really kills and humiliates me inside. I pray to God for my longevity. It often makes me to wonder why men are so afraid of women. You can see this fear at home among your own men”. As she said this, she put a glance on the amulet tied to her arm and started laughing uncontrollably.

I do not believe that the rejection of women’s bravery or wisdom or endurance has anything to do with religion as has been propagated in Western countries against Islam. This rejection is actually embedded into the cognitive capacity of the men who consider women feeble and meek, thus suitable to be confined to four walls of the house. In fact, she wants to be respected and treated equally. She doesn’t want to replace her role with men.  She is deliberately misinterpreted when she demands her legitimate and human rights.

I wish all men had studied the history of their religions when women led everything from trade to guidance to political leadership of their caravans during wars and calamities. But most of our clerics never teach us all this.

 When a woman is endowed with the ability to keep a life in her womb, knows the art of motherhood, rears her children and makes her home, would she not have the ability to run an office, society or country?  Why are men so afraid of her? Even, looking after her home doesn’t get counted.

If you really want to know your woman, just admit the qualities of your woman who gives birth and life to you. If you don’t acknowledge the immense abilities of your woman, whether she is your wife, daughter, or mother, it is not worth writing on this subject ever again.