Sailing in two boats

Politicians can''t keep people in the dark for too long

Khalid Isaac
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jul 23 2018 12:05AM | Updated Date: Jul 23 2018 12:05AM
Sailing in two boats

As the buzz about Panchayat polls has started making rounds in the state mainstream politicians look perplexed. They seem confused and don’t know how to react. Political parties in Kashmir know it very well that they have got “nothing much to sell” and the Panchayat elections would prove to be a Litmus test for them as it would bring to fore whether people support them or not. Though Panchayat polls are contested on non-partisan basis but everyone knows it very well that candidates enjoy the backing of the political parties. And it’s an “open secret.”

The mainstream politicians need to realize that they cannot sell dreams anymore as the times have changed. They have to muster courage to call “spade a spade” and tell people that the elections are only meant for governance. They have to delink the election process from the big issues. They have to be honest ad admit that issues between India and Pakistan have to be resolved at the higher level and local politicians have got no role to play in it.

Times have changed and common man cannot be taken for a ride anymore. Slogans about internal autonomy and having self-rule are no more relevant. It’s India and Pakistan who have to take a call about how issues could be resolved. Kashmiri politicians have got no role to play in it.

It has been observed that Kashmiri politicians always talk about holding talks with Pakistan and involving the stakeholders. But someone needs to ask them what are the basis on which talks should be held? Do they expect New Delhi to change its Kashmir policy? They need to bear in mind that New Delhi’s Kashmir policy is clear that it wants to bring J&K at par with other states in the country and there is no possibility about clock being reversed to 1947. And it looks difficult that this policy would change. 

Mainstream politicians should stop telling people that they can do anything after assuming power. The time has proved them wrong on many occasions. The elected legislators are under oath to safeguard sovereignty and integrity of the country. After getting elected they get all the perks and privileges what more do they expect?  Mainstream politicians should bear in mind that they exist because they acknowledge the J&K has acceded to India and this reality cannot be changed. They cannot have the cake and eat it too. They have to learn to be straightforward and clear rather than beating round the bush.

At present election fever has gripped Pakistan and the politicians are carrying out their campaign vigorously and all the leaders are telling the people that for them country comes first. Same holds true for India for all the leaders country is the priority. In Kashmir political parties tell people that they are not contesting elections for the sake of governance. They create an impression that elections are a process to find a solution to bigger issues but the fact is that they just hoodwink masses by raising such slogans. The mainstream politicians should realize that if they don’t side with the truth it can prove disastrous for them. They should stop propagating what cannot be achieved.

Many people are of the opinion that since the day Governor’s rule has been imposed in Jammu and Kashmir masses have heaved a sigh of relief. The politicians who ruled the state could have also worked in the manner in which the Governor’s administration is functioning. Had they concentrated on the issues which touch the skin of a common man people would not have been pushed to wall. Unfortunately whenever political dispensation comes into power in J&K people at the helm start talking about politics and the future of Kashmir they tend to forget their mandate and raise such issues which don’t fall in their domain. At present J&K is under Governor’s rule due to the mistakes which were committed by the politicians. Had they remained focused on their task and left the bigger issues alone situation in Jammu and Kashmir would not have take a dangerous turn.

The imposition of Governor’s rule in J&K has provided politicians with a chance to sit back and introspect. If they want to exist on the political arena of the state they would have to change their tactics and policies and would have to learn that they cannot just keep on enjoying the power by having contradictions within themselves. They have to choose as they cannot sail in two boats.     


(The writer is a member of Kashmir Youth Alliance)





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