Samar's Ribbons

In a society where self-expression and power are usually reserved for men, it’s hard, if not impossible for a woman to run a business and run her own affairs. But Samar Shawal, 25, is trying to change this by creating the space for the women in the field of business.

“Since my childhood I was interested in setting up my own venture because being an independent working woman gives me joy that I always cherish. Secondly, I choose to study commerce from my 11th standard, because, I was well aware about the road ahead,” says Samar.

Samar an MBA graduate from Islamic University of Science and Technology is running a gift hamper service outlet on the name of Ribbons where she wraps the gifts items according to the desires of clients and delivers them at their homes.

“Initially there were lot of ideas coming in my mind, but I was unable to implement them because of the lack of initiative, then after a lot of market research and discussion with my family and friends, I finally in April 28, during my third semester of MBA decided to setup gift hampering outlet on the name of Ribbons. Where we pack gifts on the will of customers and deliver them on their given address,” says Samar.

Initially Samar was a bit worried because this was almost a new concept in Kashmir but with every passing day the response was overwhelming and presently Samar is earning good.

“I will be lying, if I say, I was not worried because a girl going to shop fronts dealing with customers at such a young age, but with each passing day, I got an overwhelming response in large number of customers and appreciation from large number of people that gave me the lot of confidence and I felt more enthusiastic about it. Ribbons were started from Instagram and Facebook page on the name of Ribbons by Samar Shawl. On social media, I have huge number of followers and people also place orders. Since my childhood I used to beautify things as it gives me much more confidence when passion becomes your profession,” said Samar.

Ribbons is the gift hamper service which deals in basic gift wrap, premium gift wrap, elite gift wrap and more recently Samar has started trousseau packing, stage decoration and premium dates packaging for Nikkah Majlis, which she calls khazir waan.

“We are getting orders from all districts of Kashmir and we wrap gifts according to the needs of customers as we know there are people from different backgrounds. We keep always this thing in mind because satisfying and providing quality to customers is the success mantra of any kind of business at the end of day customer satisfaction matters. Delivering orders is an issue. Now I have tied-up with some e-commerce out-lets who have boys at their disposal. I pay them but they are not available every time. In future, I am planning to open a store somewhere in the heart of city,” says Samar, who has turned into well-oriented businesswomen in a short span of time.

Samar believes that women in Kashmir should know their capabilities and should make fullest use of it by every means. Although at times people will try to demotivate but one has to remain focused towards her goal with great deal of dedication and determination, she says.

“Once they follow this mantra, I believe nobody can stop them from pursuing their dreams. I am not saying leave their homes. A woman can deal with her family and can also pursue her dreams. There are ample opportunities available to them through which they can change the world and can set a example for the generation to come,” says Samar.