Same history, same story

We need a departure. Desperately

Muneer Hussain Dar
Srinagar, Publish Date: Nov 12 2018 11:24PM | Updated Date: Nov 12 2018 11:24PM
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War claims not only a mortal belligerence from the nationalist leaders, but the presence of mind with a pinch of sangfroid. Leaders create war, drag out the war, down its mortality on themselves by being only the ribald confrontationists. Instead, they must have to structure the formative political paradigms, the grand strategy multiples, the intellectual principles and constructive channels of dissent to do away with the existing power apparatus in opposition. The rage kills one’s own self, not of the other. Control it.

This reflects not the tragedy of the other but our own accumulating across our continent and narrative. Our leaders add the ingredients of aggression to the resistance & leave it extremely down & damaged. Our resistance has got reduced to an angry strike ordered hundred times a month. This reductionist approach of restricting the mega narrative to a strike is extremely dangerous & counterproductive.

The contagion of littleness has got into the stratums of our cherished political separatism. The perceptional shrinkage in our leaders has led to the come down of narrative to a strike. The narrative is turning a shadowy figure in pursuit of shadow. Strike-locked, it becomes a sharp apotheosis of placebo; ineffectual for the fragile patients. Our Hurriyat doesn’t seem to lack only the trend of walking, but the purpose of it. Its long rest in the period of 'policy paralysis' leads to the question of its credibility in the entire social spectrum. Is contemporary Hurriyat posture the prospectus of promised future or fragmented?

So long as history of strike repeats itself, we have to narrate the brilliant story of loss. Same history, same story. The synchronic relationship. What only our leadership knows is to ram this history down the psyche of every civilian, fit each in its darker slot. One can’t have the certificate of existence without having this history in regular praxis. Our leadership doesn’t even budge in this age long political stance. As the man is shot or just a little chaos emerges in a political arena, the strike-order explodes. Hitler wouldn’t order pogrom as fast as our Hurriyat orders strike. I wonder as to how don’t our leaders suffer cramps by being paralyzed into same old unchanging position.

Our resistance politics is not too long, too intricate to consume many long summers to understand it. It is only varieties that take time. A thing doesn’t. Once you have the word 'strike' known, you have everything clocked up of it; every theory & principle, critical paradigm, backstage machination & ground strategy compass. Strike sums up the entirety of our political philosophy. We have nothing, but it. Know that word & nothing will fall off the radar. Moreover, you don’t have to try your utmost to catch on to full resistance fabric, but your least. I don’t reserve a sentimental & yet personal opprobrium for the poor Hurriyat functionality in Kashmir. But rather whole the social world has got into analytical quest as to why doesn’t Hurriyat cross the line of strike & is strategically incompetent? People have right to ask. It is they who are the materials of the political canon of fire. It is they who sacrifice their lives to move the resistance wheel forth. Let them know where there blood goes.

Is not it a tragedy that our galactic institution of dissent starts by same, ends by same? One has to enter it by the door of strike, exit it by the same door. Strike is a dish fed to our movement in all four seasons. Even when it demands the other, we feed it the same. It is where occurs the birth of sheer tragedy. For resistance hates monotony, loves multiplicity. It doesn’t love to settle upon the same plate, but always tends to shuffle on to other new. Only that mold of resistance stays strong which is nourished inside different cultures. Ours is out of such constructive rubric as it is provided with a sole culture of strike.

Strike alone is not to provide the transformative trajectory in a marginalized community. It alone can’t raze the pedestal of grand power structures. How can we expect a single throw of brick to damage the galactic edifice? Won’t the brick lose its own shape & substance? Remembering Max Weber writing in his famous essay, politics as a vocation, that politics doesn’t take only passion but perspective. On the contrary, our leaders choose the politics of passion & forget the latter, so throw the brick without first thinking the consequences through.


Need is to cut back (not to decontextualize) on this conventionality of strike & locate the panoply of the canniest pragmatism in the project, or else the resistance is to turn a half-defunct radio that not only spoils the news bulletin by being faulty, but annoys listeners by its sound abnormality at large. 






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