Saving lives

Emergency medical services is an integration of hospital-based emergency service and pre- Hospital emergency care. Emergency medical response services primarily comprise pre-hospital Emergency care. The integration of these two systems delivers quality and timely medical care. That is known to saves lives and decrease mortality and morbidity.

Till July 2019, there was no robust or quality care EMRS available in Jammu and Kashmir. There was no emergency response number where a common person could call and request Emergency ambulance care services. Ambulances available largely function as transportation vehicles mostly without any necessary medical equipment or trained paramedical staff available.

This has a huge impact on healthcare in Kashmir. Most of the time there is a significant delay in

receiving emergency medical care as the pre-hospital care has been non-existent. Patients are either brought dead or declared dead once they arrive in the emergency room. Civil shutdowns, the Government imposed curfews and crackdowns make it extremely inconvenient, and in certain cases impossible to obtain timely emergency medical care. As a result, mortality and morbidity goes up drastically.

KASHMER (Kashmiri American Society for Health Care Medical Education and Research) organization is driven by passionate individuals desirous of changing the “transport vehicle concept of ambulances” to “lifesaving emergency medical transportation,” and are keen on having an evidence-based EMS driven by technology and trained personnel irrespective of financial status.

What sets KASHMER EMS apart from other ambulance services is the system and service we provide. Patient is being taken care of as soon as they call our EMS service and speak to the triage physician. Triage physician quickly evaluates and assesses the situation and as soon as he determines that true emergency exists EMS team is dispatched to the patient location. Patient is quickly assessed by the EMS team and loaded on stretcher and shifted into well-equipped ambulance and transported to the destination hospital. While en-route EMS team call the receiving hospital so that they are ready for the emergency. By following this system patients are being provided timely and quality medical care. Hence it helps decrease mortality and morbidity.

KASHMER has been successful in creating the first ever KASHMER-EMS. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) was inaugurated in July 2019. We are running 24/7 EMS providing coverage for entire Srinagar City. Our dedicated EMS team (Triage physicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, Pilots) has served more than 500 patients since its operation in October 2019. Our skilled team has managed wide variety of cases included cardiac arrests, heart attacks and hearts blocks, trauma, sepsis and pulmonary emergencies etc. EMS service has been well accepted and received by local people. For medical emergencies people can call KASHMER EMS @ 9484-100-200 and /or 0194-240-4000