Saving the institution

Education is a part of every cultural matrix. It is the ultimate institution of peace, prosperity and development. The strength of a society is determined by the education system it has. Education adds stability to every social institution.

Education in covid times has suffered a major setback. In fact among all the social institutions education has been badly hit. The wave of disturbance created by covid 19 pandemic has pushed the entire globe in the trap of hopelessness and despair. Student community in particular has suffered.

Classroom learning occupies pivotal position at all levels of education. When classroom learning is disturbed it is always a challenge to handle functioning of education for different stakeholders.

Virtual education played a significant role as it was viewed as an ultimate tool to reach learners and to address their academic queries and confusions. But virtual education is a supplement and not a substitute for real classroom teaching. Nothing can replace the role of a teacher even in the postmodern world where technology rules the affairs. Real classroom teaching has its own significance and vitality that virtual teaching  cannot have.

Virtual educational platforms are ideal sources to reach learners during the lockdown period,  but, he demands of virtual learning are not met by all learners because of economic  and societal factors. There are students without smart phones to derive benefits of online learning. In this perspective they are deprived from different formats of e-learning.

I would like to quote Pierre Bourdieu, a renowned contemporary sociologist who says education in the post modern world perpetuates  the culture of dominant class where only those people are benefited who are in possession of  a strong reflective cultural capital.

The second area of concern is related to examination process that has further complicated problems for education process. It is an admitted fact that a positive correlation is found between academic strength and examination system. A strong academic side will definitely bring maturity in the examination process. But, when the academic world rotates in the orbit of uncertainty, the examination system will definitely follow the similar trajectory.

Online examination is an improvement over the traditional pen and paper type examination but only when the students are in possession of ground concepts. If the academic limbs are paralyzed in the system then examination will definitely deepn depression among students at different levels. Under such conditions certain acceleration strategies can yield better results.

In the present crisis it is naturally tough for different institutions to survive harmoniously and education is not an exception.  Students of different government schools were given free midday meals, uniform, books etc., as an encouragement to carry on their academic career in a smooth manner. Such children are now in need of smart phones to use the format of virtual learning.

Education cannot survive when the society is confronted with a situation like covid pandemic. During such times all people must come forward to provide knowledge to learners at local levels. We need to render active help to students by addressing their needs not only educational but also socioeconomic in  character. That will boost their confidence and will definitely reduce their level of frustration .

Suhail Salam Bhat  is  Assistant Professor Department of Education , GDC Pulwama.