Seasons go hand in hand

Two terms Blossoming & Snowing share a relation. They belong to different seasons, but for nature lovers both seasons have their charm for providing them serenity and tranquility. Despite severity of chill nature lovers enjoy this season while taking part in different activities like skiing, tracking, hunting etc.

In past we know the winter for advantageous home making needful items when techonology was not much advanced. Indoor work engaging men & women in weaving and knitting is noteworthy to know how humans used to engage themselves to meet their demands of self sufficiency. This all opens our eyes to have strategies in the present modern era for providing home jobs to unemployed people in snowbound areas.

Contrary to this, spring provides gives us impetus to come out for having outdoor activities amid greenery, blossom and sweet songs of birds. So, the importance of either season is quite evident.

No doubt blossoming is the outcome of snowing, which shows their alternate relationship. snowfall is like a bride that brings prosperity to home for its beginning with a new hope.

The expression of a poet somewhere by saying ‘white is green’ clarifies that it is the winter known for snowfall which needs to be complimented more than anything else, because the snow appearing white paves way for lush green spring.

Snow makes water percolate slowly and steadily deep down the ground to maintain water table, and also its melting becomes the source for rushing perennial water to irrigate our crop fields.

Good winter is the indication of good spring, from where growers feel content with a hope of having high yielding autumn. So we may say that winter is the mother of lush green & blooming spring. But all that is reversed if  it crosses a limit and sone interferes with blossoming.

The snowfall in April 2016 in this regard is noteworthy, which intended for the valley to meet the same ill fate when some varieties of fruit were in a bloom, some partially & some were about to bloom.

Fortunately the apple was under the process of blooming when it snowed & hence remained unaffected. Many varieties bloomed up suffered a loss due to flower withering & falling off of flower twigs, but still it God saved growers from any major setback. Like snowing in spring flowering in winter is also not a good omen, as it is hazardous for the health of a plant.

To sum up, we may infer that there is a bond of among seasons which when disturbed leads us to destruction.

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