Short stint of Zaira

So, now we are into an era where everything assumes a political hue. And with the onset of social media there is no personal terrain and certainly there is not a place where you can air your personal mental transactions except in your own mind really. This makes the things rather complex! So, how do you actually make a transaction when both the sender and a buyer are you-without digressing further in the mysteries of the mind let us come to the point-yes, Zaira’s decision to opt out of the film industry.

Opting for or opting in is something which comes very naturally to us all-we also fall in or run out of love quite dramatically or rather philosophically.

Now, Zaira just a 18-year old girl was fortunate enough to get her wings rather early and she enjoyed a splendid flight. She got a wide acclaim for her roles in ‘Dangal’ and also ‘secret superstar’. She also bagged a national award for her role in her very first film. This was indeed a proud moment for her home state of J&K. When the then chief minister of J&K termed her to be a youth icon she bore her first tryst with a conflict zone where certain voices decided to dampen something very positive and progressive.

Definately it is her prerogative of shunning something she isnt comfortable at a personal level but I have a problem with the fact that she has decided to put the onus on her religion, which as being her co-religionist I have a problem with.  First of all the roles donned by her had a very strong message be it Dangal where she comes roaring into the male dominated sport and just slays it. In another of her role in Secret Superstar she fends for herself and helps her mother out of a consuming relationship. so, nowhere has she decided to do anything that goes against her belief. Infact she has only highlighted the miseries of our socio-economic structure and a will to set it right. How can this distort ones ‘Deen’ which exactly asks us to pluck out the unjust deeds.

And since she took to a public platform to announce her decision, in a strong way she has given credence to a thinking where the platform of performing art has sadly been given an evil kind of a cloak which can be totally misleading. And it is a disservice to the young girls who look upto this art to express themselves. Dignity in any profession is totally in the possession of the person involved! So, in no way can ones dignity fall prey to ones profession!