Slow speed hinders

We live in a techno-society. Every facet of our modern life is assisted by use of some form of technology. In 21st century technology is all around us. Technology is always changing as more inventions are brought forward to improve our day to day lives. Various gadgets are supposed to help us to do things better and quicker or at least help us to enjoy our lives to a greater extent. Internet connectivity can take students where they otherwise could not go and make learning into thrilling, self directed journey and an exciting activity.

During this pandemic everyone is trying to utilize time in a most productive way so that they can divert their attention from every sort of denigratory upshots causing the human entities to land in trouble stemming from  COVID-19 posers and perplexities. But regrettably when there is an internet bar in then technology becomes the cause of anxiety, stress, and frustration. The education sector in Kashmir is suffering the most due to the restricted and interrupted 2G internet access. The slow internet speed has irked teachers as well as students as slow internet is a major intervening variable for online classes as teachers are not able to share large files like videos, high resolution pictures and a live streaming of educational classes on time. Slow internet connectivity has been acting as an impediment concerning regularizing ZOOM meeting platform throughout the valley as classes are being conducted online.

Teaching is not a simple and straightforward enterprise as some people imagine it to be. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry can’t teach. In fact this noble profession ranks on the top of complexity in all genres of occupations. A majority of psychologists subscribe to the view that complexity of teaching derives from its decision making nature. Teachers have daily responsibility for diverse company of students with varied needs and thereby are instantly making decisions before and after instructions. Teacher acts as a manager, observer, educator, organizer, decision maker, facilitator ,motivator, counselor, evaluator  and so on. Teachers only know how much time it takes them to make an audio clip, upload video on 2G speed or to share PowerPoint Presentation on WhatsApp for their students where for there is so much hindrance owing to the suffocated network connectivity.

At this moment “frontline heroes” are getting encouragement from all corners which they undoubtedly  deserve as they have been doing a lot of work at the ground level ever since the existence of COVID-19 pandemic on this planet. But we must respect and appreciate our teachers as well because despite the fact that there is an internet bar they have been endeavouring to their utmost to engage their students in one way or the other.

Unequivocally speaking, salutations are sprung from the core of the heart for the teachers who dedicatedly impart knowledge to students. But we must encourage them for their contribution. Teachers are also working on a war footing throughout the pandemic lockdown.

The contingency sprouting from the untimely internet bar has been jeopardizing the educational set up.